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LIV launches new strategic plan

LIV launches new strategic plan

By Law Institute Journal

Leadership Planning 


The LIV is dedicated to providing members with high quality resources and services at every career stage.

A dynamic organisation with members’ needs front and centre is the new direction for the LIV, which has launched its strategic plan for 2019-2022.

Approved by the board on 20 March, the new strategic plan comes after a major year-long review which considered feedback from stakeholders, members, staff and directors.

One key input was an extensive member engagement survey which provided qualitative and quantitative feedback on what was important to members in driving engagement and value. Other major inputs were management workshops, the Conference of Council where section chairs, suburban and regional law association presidents and others were consulted, and a staff culture survey.

“We sought your feedback, we listened and we have acted on it,” says LIV CEO Adam Awty.

The LIV is dedicated to providing members with high quality resources and services at every career stage and to stay true to this, it asked members what they needed, their perceptions of the LIV and if they valued what was provided.

“Late last year we asked you for feedback via an extensive survey,” Mr Awty says. “You told us you want personalised and relevant support and advice on ethics and compliance. You need competitively priced learning opportunities to enhance skills. You want us to advocate on your behalf, to promote your value to the community. And you want to connect with your peers.

“Sharing this valuable information helped us identify what is most important to you for your LIV to deliver on now and in the future. The feedback has formed the basis of the five strategic goals that the LIV will focus on over the next three years.”

Resources and support, learning and education, influence and advocacy, promoting the value of members and providing a collegiate community are at the heart of the five goals spearheading the LIV’s new strategic plan which has three components; vision, purpose, goals.

The new LIV strategy 2019-2022

Our vision

Partnering with members throughout their careers so they are best placed to deliver outcomes for and on behalf of their clients and the community.

Our purpose

To be the trusted voice of members, respected for delivering value to members, while driving excellence in the profession and steadfast in safeguarding the rule of law on behalf of the community.

Our goals

1. Provide members with personalised, relevant and engaging support, advice and services in areas of practice and management by:

  • being a one-stop shop of high-quality tools, resources and insights to enable members to stay up to date with issues relevant to their practice
  • delivering integrated practice support services to assist members meet and exceed their regulatory and compliance obligations, build their practice and develop appropriate succession plans
  • providing members with a safe and secure environment to access support regarding ethics, wellbeing and issues of practice management

2. Provide relevant and value-based learning and education opportunities to enhance members’ skills, knowledge and capability in running their practice by:

  • providing access to relevant, flexible, valued professional development
  • delivering market relevant accreditation and practice management
  • producing enhanced e-learning opportunities.

3. Influence and advocate for impact within government, regulators and stakeholders on behalf of members, the profession and the community by:

  • being an authoritative voice of members, the profession and community on issues related to upholding the rule of law
  • developing informed member-driven policy positions and advocating for evidence-based policies and law reform
  • influencing the legislative and regulatory environment in the public interest

4. Promote the value of members in the community and advocating the importance of the profession when sourcing legal advice by:

  • actively promoting the value of LIV members, accredited specialists and practices to the community, to businesses and relevant stakeholders.

5. Provide a collegiate community of peers for members to connect and support each other throughout their careers by:

  • welcoming, engaging and supporting members at all stages in their career
  • attracting, developing and mentoring the next generation of members
  • being a key conduit for informed consultations with government, regulators and other stakeholders
  • supporting suburban and regional law associations.

Mr Awty says the five strategic goals will be enabled by a focus on:

  • promoting an innovation driven culture underpinned by strong values
  • enhancing staff and member facing technologies
  • delivering contemporary and accountable governance
  • ensuring sound financial stewardship.

“Together with our staff and board, we have already begun aligning our primary activities with your expressed needs,” Mr Awty says. “You can expect to see continued improvements to resources and member support, learning and education opportunities and enhanced law reform and legal practice advocacy. We have a plan to more actively promote the value of our members and the legal profession, as well as provide a collegiate community for members.”

2019 LIV president Stuart Webb says the strategic plan puts members’ interests at the heart of the LIV’s work. “We want you to value your membership of the LIV, to get out of it what you need to assist you pursuing your interests in the law and engaging career opportunities. Our vision sets this out, identifying that we want to partner with you throughout your career progression.

“We recognise that a career in the law is no longer a linear progression, that those who are entering it now will work in a different way and in a different environment to what has occurred in the past. We want to assist you as you develop and move in and out of roles and responsibilities. When you explore new opportunities, we will be there to give you advice and assistance.

“We think this will set you up to be the best that you can be, for your own benefit, for that of your clients and our community.”

Mr Webb says the new purpose provides a bold affirmation of the reason for coming together as a professional association. “We speak out on behalf of our members on issues that are relevant to our practice of law. We ensure that those who govern and administer our laws have the opportunity to hear directly from those most experienced with the practical application of the law, where it works and where it needs to be amended.

“We will ensure that those who practise the law do it with the highest ethical and professional standards. And we will do this on behalf of the Victorian community who look to us as valued contributors to a cohesive and inclusive society where opportunity arises for all. I look forward to working with you to make your LIV the best that it can be.”


Watch the animated video here: LIV Strategy 2019-2022

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