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Kids court house cubby

Kids court house cubby

By Carolyn Ford

Child Welfare Courts 


Work has begun on a cubby house for kids at the Melbourne Children's Court.
Legal practitioners are advised that construction will limit space, causing temporary inconvenience. The Court is working with affected users to minimise disruption.
The cubby house and refurbishment of the ground floor children's play area and outdoor courtyard is expected to be finished by the end of December.
The works represent stage one in a three-stage refurbishment project aimed at improving Court services.
In January 2018 work begins on a redesign of the ground floor reception counter, lobby, security screening entrance, sick bay and search room, as well as improved signage for people to find their way around and more functional safe waiting spaces. Public seating will be replaced and tactile wall features for children to interact with will be installed in waiting areas. 
"The delivery of these enhanced and well designed spaces will allow children to escape the often chaotic court environment and make the public areas of the building less intimidating for court users," the Court said in an update.
It is estimated the whole project will be finished April 2018.

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