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Time shifting

Time shifting

By Jo Bassett

Planning Time Management Wellbeing 

Would it surprise you to know that you are not as time poor as you think? Time poor was a term coined at the end of the 20th century to describe the feeling that comes with the pressure of being rushed to complete activities quickly and a distinct lack of free time. Laura Vanderkam, with four children under eight, working full time in a position that came with extensive travel, discovered that her time was more plentiful than she thought. She wrote of this discovery in the New York Times article “The busy person’s lies”. She spent 12 months logging activity for every 30 minutes of the 8784 hours that make up a leap year (this took her 15 minutes a day). She was pleasantly surprised to discover that she slept more and worked less than she had led herself to believe. When I talk about time shifting, I am referring to shifting what we believe about the time available to us and how we use it. Time shifting becomes easier when you learn how to see time. Picturing time as a concrete or physical resource helps you to plan and make the most of every moment available. I picture time in 15 minute blocks, and there is much that can be achieved within this time:

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