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Digital plan advances

Digital plan advances

By Nerida Wallace



The LIV wants to improve member services.

This month marks the completion of my third year as LIV CEO. I encourage members to read the 2017 annual report which will be available online this month.

Additional funds from reserves were authorised by Council to be spent on the LIV transformation project. Spanning several years this will modernise the LIV so member services can be improved, costs cut and the move to a digital platform implemented.

Victoria’s new Legal Services Commissioner is due to be announced. We wish outgoing commissioner Michael McGarvie well. The new LSC will face challenges, importantly a move to a risk-based model of regulation which if applied appropriately will cut red tape and remove barriers to economic activity in the legal profession in Victoria. The LIV will continue to support the Victorian Legal Services Board in achieving these objectives.

Council will shortly discuss how recommendations of its Taskforce on Regulation and Charitable Status are to progress. The LIV will continue to secure Public Purpose Fund allocations.

On the lobbying front, the proposed sale of the land titles registry is opposed by our property law membership and the LIV has spoken out against it. The LIV also continues to lobby against proposed increases to practising fees under the Regulatory Impact Statement.

Through the Law Council of Australia, the LIV urges change to the Uniform Law. We are seeking two changes. First, to relieve notice of disclosure difficulties faced by members every day. Second, to rectify poor outcomes for practitioners failing to renew practising certificates in error.

We also welcome the previous deputy CEO of the Legal Practitioners’ Liability Committee Justin Toohey to the role of CEO.

I am pleased to advise you of new member benefits coming soon. As always, feel free to contact me.


Nerida Wallace LIV CEO

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