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By Law Institute Journal


At the forefront

I work in developing the legal technology awareness at Melbourne Law School and was very impressed with the latest special issue on technology (September LIJ).

The feature by Caroline Jones “Bits and blocks”,was some of the best analysis I’ve seen in the legal community on blockchain technology, and her article fills me with confidence that there are lawyers out there who understand what it means to be at the forefront of tech in the sector.

Nicholas Parry-Jones, technology consultant, Melbourne Law School

Diversity at the top?

I wish to comment on the August LIJ and the lead article on women in the law “21st century leaders in law”.

I am a strong advocate of overturning the gender imbalance which has historically pervaded our profession and continues unfortunately to this day. The featured women are all very deserving of recognition and should be congratulated.

Regrettably the featured women are all of seemingly Anglo-Saxon (white) background. We have two Indigenous magistrates. We also have many other superb Indigenous women working in the law. We also have a multitude of women from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

I have spoken to women since the LIJ was published who have remarked on their disappointment that the feature was not more representative of the cultural diversity within our legal community.

This may hopefully promote discussion among our profession and a move to a more culturally progressive legal profession in this state.

My point is that we are progressing, albeit slowly, in gender diversity, but we need to be also aware that our community, including the legal community, consists of people from an array of backgrounds. This is what in my opinion makes it a real community.

Historically the legal profession in Australia has been largely white and male but we have thankfully moved away from that to a degree and hopefully this movement will continue.

I reiterate that all the women who were the focus of the edition should be congratulated and my comments should not be taken as any negative reflection on those women and their achievements.

Peter Rankin, director Rankin Lawyers

Leading issue

Congratulations on your August LIJ featuring 21st century leaders in law. Not only was it a marvellous concept but I suspect the technical issues which you and your staff had to overcome involved a new level of difficulty. Well done.

Gordon Lewis, former LIV CEO and retired County Court judge

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