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LIV welcomes long overdue same-sex adoption laws with no faith-based exemptions

LIV welcomes long overdue same-sex adoption laws with no faith-based exemptions

By LIV Media


Same-sex couples will finally be recognised as the legal parents of their adopted children under legislation introduced to the Victorian Parliament today.

LIV President Katie Miller said while same-sex adoption has been legal in Victoria for some time, the laws currently only recognise one parent in the relationship.
“The LIV has long supported the rights of same sex couples to be free from all forms of discrimination,” Ms Miller said.

“Without the proposed changes, children who are being lovingly and well cared for by two women or two men will not have both of their parents recognised - simply because their parents love someone of the same sex and not because of anything relevant to how they care for or love that child."

Ms Miller said importantly the Andrews Government’s Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Bill 2015 does not include any faith-based exemptions.

“While the religious freedoms of faith-based groups need to be respected, adoption laws must be based first and foremost on the best interests of children,” Ms Miller said.

“Ultimately, it is the courts that make the final adoption order according to the best interests of the child after considering the individual circumstances of that child.

“The purpose of the Adoption Act is to facilitate children being placed with parents who will care for and protect them and to recognise those who are already giving that care. Allowing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation would undermine those purposes.”

The proposed changes would come into effect in March 2016, implementing recommendations made by Eamonn Moran QC in his Adoption Act Review.

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