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LIV Legal Careers Fair 2018: A law student perspective on being prepared

LIV Legal Careers Fair 2018: A law student perspective on being prepared

By Stefani Janson

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Stefani Janson is the 2018 co-chair of the YL Community Issues Committee, a corporate paralegal with Dentons, and a director at Navigator Australia. Stefani reflects on her experience from last year’s LIV Legal Careers Fair and shares her thoughts on preparing a game plan for the event.

Are you a penultimate or final year student wanting face-to-face conversations with law firms? The annual LIV Legal Careers Fair is the right place to find answers to your seasonal clerkship and graduate questions directly, with representatives from more than 30 law firms and organisations in attendance. But, how should you prepare for the event?

1. Take a friend: Networking can be daunting at the best of times, so the first rule of thumb is to bring a fellow law student with you. This can be helpful in multiple ways – you can either stay together to make conversations less confronting or you can divide your efforts to find out more information. There are hundreds of law students who attend this event and there are often queues to speak to firm representatives, so taking a friend will help boost your confidence and could multiply your effectiveness at the same time.

2. Work on a game plan prior to the event: In advance of the night, it’s a good idea to figure out which firms you would like to target and do background research so you can easily strike up a conversation at the event. If you are concerned about your recall abilities, save some key points in a note in your phone to refresh your memory between visits to firm exhibiter booths. If you know someone at a particular law firm, there is no shame in politely name dropping. This is advantageous as people are naturally drawn to others with whom they share a connection with as it generates trust and comradery.

You should also consider preparing answers to the following conversation starter questions:

•        Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

•        What subjects have you enjoyed the most in law school so far?

•        What areas of legal practice interest you most, and why?

Further, take a notepad or a phone to take down the names of every person you meet. After visiting each stall, note down the names of the people you spoke to: if you try to recall the names of every person at the end of the event, you’ll likely forget a few!

3. Sign yourself up to upskill: Another plus to the LIV Legal Careers Fair is the opportunity to participate in the mock interview sessions with industry professionals and to listen to the practical and helpful careers panel sessions organised by our YL Professional Development Committee to answer the questions at the front of your mind at this time of the year. 

4. Arrange attire and transport: The LIV Legal Careers Fair is a professional event and the impression you make counts. You should wear professional attire that you would don to an interview. Further, the event only lasts a few hours and time will fly, so ensure you arrive early to maximise your opportunities. 

5. Post event: First, pat yourself on the back! You put yourself out there and survived the LIV Legal Careers Fair. In the days following, ensure you look up each person you met on LinkedIn and request to connect with them with an adjoining note (1) thanking them for their time at the event and (2) initiating a coffee catch-up to talk clerkships or grad roles!


The LIV Legal Careers Fair is a free event for law students. What are you waiting for? Make sure you register here today for the biggest annual legal careers event of the year.


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