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LIV Running Group

LIV Running Group

By LIV Young Lawyers

Young Persons 


Back in February-March 2017 a few committed LIV members and staff decided that they’d like to start a running group for Melbourne’s legal community.

The idea quickly gathered momentum, with many likeminded members coming along, and inviting their friends as well. As the group grew, so too did the desire for members to find new ways of reaching out to other members of the profession to come along for a free and easy run in the city on Monday nights.

This Monday 21 May, the group will be having a celebratory run inviting every member who has ever attended the LIV Running Group to come along for a group photo out the front of the LIV.

Please join us.

As we celebrate a (belated) one year anniversary of the LIV Running Group we asked some of our past and current members what they have gotten out of participating in this free weekly LIV activity.

  • Linda Hart, Senior Associate at Hartwell Legal - ‘I come to run club to burn off all the food I've had over the weekend and to run with awesome people’
  • Natalie Otira Vogel, Barrister at Victorian Bar – ‘I go to run club, because it's an efficient way to combine my passion for fitness with my interest in career networking’
  • Sofija Celebic, Lawyer at Frenkel Partner Lawyers - ‘It's good to get out of the office and a convenient way to exercise whilst meeting other people’
  • Phoebe Blank, Senior Associate at Kennedys Law – ‘Running with LIV Run Club is the best way to start the week. It’s great to get the heart rate up and a different way to meet people in the profession – coupled together, a benefit to mental health’
  • Thomas Hobbs, Senior Consultant at Burgess Paluch Legal Recruitment – ‘As the smiles in our photos suggest, it’s a really positive and healthy environment. It’s about connecting and engaging with others regardless of one’s fitness level. It’s also the best way to end a Monday’
  • Sam Dipnall, Acting Manager of the LIV Young Lawyers – ‘I enjoy coming along and meeting a great range of members of the legal profession, and seeing them invite their friends and colleagues as well’

On behalf of the LIV Young Lawyers, thanks to all our members who have made the LIV Running Group a success.

It’s easy to get involved in the LIV Running Group. We meet on Monday’s at 6pm out the front of the LIV. Please come along, make some new friends in the law and beyond and get fit at the same time.

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