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President's report

President's report

By Linda Rayment



As the LIV Young Lawyers president for 2016 I look forward to creating opportunities for our members.

I feel privileged to have been elected the LIV Young Lawyers (YL) president for 2016. The YL has a vital role to play in educating, equipping and facilitating the growth and development of our members and I can’t wait to get stuck into this new role and, along with the passionate and skilled YL Executive Committee, make a difference for our members in 2016.

The Executive began this year by setting clear and actionable plans and goals, with our particular focus on mentoring, marketing, motivation, justice and leadership. We will create opportunities for our members to develop their professional skills and careers by providing practical assistance through the YL committees and LIV events, workshops, seminars, podcasts, and video tutorials in a number of areas including:

We are currently working with the LIV on the LIV Mentoring Program to provide better training and resources to both mentors and mentees. Mentoring is vital in furthering our members’ development. It’s hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow.

How you can market yourself to get that job you want and to also bring in clients. This is a common expectation on our members, however, marketing isn’t just networking; it can look completely different depending on your personality, passions and skill set.

How you can thrive and stay motivated in a high-pressure profession while maintaining your health and wellbeing. This year, the YL executive will be prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of our members.

How you can give back to your community and make a difference. Lawyers have skills that are uniquely suited to address social justice issues. A lawyer’s analytical, research and advocacy skills can play a huge part in the social justice space, and I wish to facilitate and equip our members to make a difference.

How you can lead yourself and others effectively. As lawyers we need to know how we can lead ourselves, and we also need to know how to lead teams effectively.

Finally, we get things done more effectively when we work in teams, so I strongly encourage you to become involved in the YL (if you haven’t already) and join one of our committees. The YL provides wonderful opportunities to build meaningful relationships, develop your career and make real change in the legal profession, so get involved.

If you wish to catch up with me over coffee to discuss anything law, career or YL related, please contact me at

Linda Rayment,  2016 YL President , CEO and co-founder, Human Trafficking Resource and Assistance Centre.

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