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LIV President's Blog 2012

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Power in Numbers

Power in Numbers

Being a young lawyer has its perks. Your occupation seems to silence nagging relatives at Christmas when they query where you're going with your life. You are somehow believable when you pontificate about issues of the world which you have no real knowledge of. And you can say "you've been lawyered” and it's actually funny (seriously, try it if you haven't already).

You also belong to a profession, which is increasingly rare in an age of dot com entrepreneurs and euphemistic job titles (hello "sandwich artists"). A hallmark of any profession is the existence of a significant association. For lawyers in Victoria, the LIV represents 15,000 members and provides them with the power of numbers to recommend changes to the law and to change issues affecting the profession.

Meet other young lawyers in the same boat

For young lawyers and students, you can meet other lawyers at networking events and candidly speak about the issues affecting you as a young lawyer. Your ongoing battle with the billable unit; firm expectations of young lawyers; how to survive working for the scariest partner on the floor; whether you should work in commercial law after all.

The YLS represents 6,800 young lawyers so you are guaranteed to meet another lawyer in a similar position to yourself.
Enjoy the free perks

Membership to the YLS is free for students. And what student says no to a freebie? Once a member to the LIV and YLS, you have access to many free services such as the new Vic Lawyers' Health Line for counselling services and the Ethics Line for guidance on ethical issues. You can attend free events such as the Legal Laneway Breakfast and the LIV Christmas Party.

Join a YLS committee of interest

A YLS member can join one or more of our seven committees for free which will significantly boost your CV for the following reasons:

  1. It demonstrates a genuine interest in the legal profession and the issues affecting young lawyers.
  2. It provides you with the perfect answer to that awkward interview question, are you a team player?
  3. It provides you an opportunity to manage projects you are passionate about. Whether it's greening the legal profession, bolstering the profession's commitment to social justice, or creating a new event in the LIV calendar, with commitment and dedication you can own your own project.
  4. It demonstrates exceptional time management skills. Balancing the demands of work and contributing to a YLS committee project is no easy feat.
  5. It increases your legal network to 15,000 other members, many of which are leaders in their field.

If you are not a member of the LIV and would like to be, join online now. If you have any queries about your current LIV or YLS membership, call members services on 9607 9470 If you would like to join a YLS committee, simply register your interest or email – and make sure you come up and say hello at your next committee meeting!

Amanda Storey | YLS President

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Nick Cooper
Great article, Amanda. It is important to get past the feeling of isolation/insignificance early in your legal carrer and to join others in the same position (or that one or two steps ahead).

I second Vicki above - come to our great events, say 'hi' and get involved!
1/05/2012 12:31:52 PM

Vicki Thomopoulos
I agree Amanda. The best thing to do early in your career is to get involved! I know that I speak for all of the committee chairs - we would love more young lawyers to get involved, and see new faces at our meetings!
28/04/2012 5:10:24 PM

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