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LIV President's Blog 2012

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Legal Comedy Debate deems office romance romantic viability

Legal Comedy Debate deems office romance romantic viability

As part of the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, this year’s Legal Comedy debaters performed to an audience of over 800 people on Monday night at the The Athenaeum Theatre. Our esteemed debaters went head to head arguing for and against the topic. Intra-office relationships: romantic viability or career liability?”
For the first time ever, this year’s somewhat controversial debate was moderated by an LIV President, our very own Reynah Tang. Reynah was the perfect choice to moderate the debate as he himself met his lovely wife in the workplace, (just like another President you may have heard of, Barack and his first lady Michelle).  
Reynah wowed the crowd and whipped the debaters into shape with his prop, a whip named ‘Bessy’, while at the same time adding a whole new dimension to the idea of WIP! Reynah pre-empted arguments from the affirmative AND negative teams stating:

  1. The negative team could argue that work is about billing . . . not the ‘Billings method’
  2. But the affirmative team could convince us of romantic viability with successful "mergers & acquisitions."

The ‘twitter sphere’ was aflutter throughout the evening, with over 150 witty tweets rolling in to #Legalcomdebate, from audience members, lawyers and even debaters. This year featured a live twitter feed for the first time, proving to be quite a novelty with some tweeters mentioning the questionable merit of some debater’s arguments and others advocating their favoured arguments. Our personal preferences were:

‘Not called pro-bono lawyers for nothing #legalcomdebate’
#legalcomdebate @Lizzie_OShea is up and argues that viable romances find their roots in offices
Play by play

  • Ever the wordsmith, Nicholas Walker kick-started the argument for the negative team, (aptly named 'those-who-can-keep-it-in-their-pants). He raised a few examples of 'historical chaps' led astray by office romance, including "poor Mr Slipper" and closed with an innovative version of the Lord's Prayer.' "Give us today, this freedom from babelicious clients. Forgive us our thoughts about the new article clerks, as we forgive them for wearing those pant' on purpose."
  • Next to hit the stage was Tim Cannon who shared his own personal experience of a scandalous office romance (or as some tweeters referred to as STALKING), at his girlfriend Stella’s expense, telling tales of midnight make-out sessions in the level 17 corridor . . .We think it may have been a cold and lonely night for Tim post-performance. Anat Bogarty, like, totally used her ‘Legally Blonde’ skills for the negative team to make the point that office romance can have no fairy tale ending. “Don't engage where you get your wage and don't get your honey where you get your money."
  • Lizzie O’Shea, of the affirmative team provided some excellent visual aids of celebrities that have met their one true love in the workplace including US President Barack Obama and Peter Andre and Jordan what’s her name. She also made an excellent point saying, "Lawyers need to date each other because no one wants to date someone who measures good times in 6 minute units."
  • Robert Stary finished up for the Negative urging lawyers to leave lust at the office door. He warned the audience about the dangers of intra office dating, (speaking from experience) and even suggested the PM and the leader of the opposition may be on more intimate terms than people think . . .
  • After catching fellow teammate Tim Cannon’s red Abbott style budgie smugglers and safely stowing them in her handbag, Natalie Vogel, of the affirmative team used her unique musical styling’s to sway the audience that office romance was the way to go, with her comical rendition of the song ‘Love is in the Air’. Love is in the air, when you deliver my briefs . . . Love is in the air, with your sexretary . . . ”

And the winner was . . .
Compelling arguments were doled out from both teams and the double-entendres were flying hard and fast, however the winner of the debate was the affirmative team concluding once and for all that office romance is here to stay.
All jokes aside, the real winner of the night was the nominated charity, with $1 dollar from every ticket sale donated to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. The ASRC is Australia’s largest asylum seeker advocacy, aid and health organisation and does magnificent work promoting and protecting the human rights of asylum seekers. With the end of financial year approaching, make a tax deductible gift to the ASRC.
The event was once again a huge success and we can’t wait for next year’s debate. Thanks to all involved for a knee-slapping-ly hilarious night that we won’t soon forget.
Keep an eye on the LIV website and Young Lawyers Facebook for the full debate video which will be online next week.
Q. What was your ‘stand out’ moment for this year’s debate? And what topic would you like to see debated next year?


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Cam Forbes
Very hard to pick a highlight when the quality was so good. I really enjoyed when Natalie Vogel bravely brought out the guitar. It was absoultely hilarious and cleverly done!
23/04/2013 8:09:51 PM

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