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LIV President's Blog 2012

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Your 2015 YLS President

Your 2015 YLS President

Who in their right mind would turn down the Beatles? His name was Dick Rowe. The story goes that on New Years’ Day 1962, the Beatles auditioned for Decca Records (since absorbed into Universal Music Group). After some weeks, the Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, having expected a response, was put onto Rowe, a talent scout with the company, who told him "the Beatles have no future in show business."

That Rowe made this decision illustrates just how unpredictable the future actually is. You do not know what lies around the corner. I know from experience. Just over two years ago, I had lost my job as a solicitor. After some time left in a dog-walking purgatory, I am now running a reasonably busy practice as a barrister, and have the privilege of serving as your Young Lawyers Section President in 2015. This is a turnaround I am thankful for each day. That does not mean, however, that I never look back. Far from it, I find myself looking back too often, because the experience I had is no aberration.

Throughout Australia, particularly Victoria, there has been a steady increase law graduate numbers over the last decade. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including a contraction in the graduate market. This has exposed a preponderance of opportunities for the many looking to join the legal profession.

No one who struggles through the several years of law school should come to the end, to be told that, in effect, they are surplus to requirements. The legal profession have always taken pride in our collegiate character, yet today, we are leaving more and more feeling let down. The legal profession must do everything we can to leave nobody behind.

Tackling this issue is my priority for the year. In 2015 I and the YLS Executive Committee (as elected by you) plan to:

  • Provide more information to the legal profession and public, including speaking out about the issues facing law graduates;
  • Increase the opportunities available to law graduates to help them fulfil their admission and supervision requirements; and
  • Support YLS members develop their careers and provide greater information and advice about the legal career paths available to them.

It is a challenging time to be getting into (or staying in) the law, and this year the Young Lawyers Section will be doing far more to get our members into the profession. The important thing is not to give up, because things can change, and change quickly. Even Rowe, having made the worst decision in music history, had a chance to redeem himself: he signed the Rolling Stones.

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At the least there's someone who understand the struggle for law graduate.... Thanks for that and hopefully something about it will be done.
9/02/2015 10:40:07 AM

Young Lawyers Section
Thank you for your comments. This is a complicated issue and the YLS will be doing all it can to assist our members. We will have more info on this topic soon.
30/01/2015 12:02:58 PM

It is an issue of supply & demand. Law firms require fewer junior lawyers. And a larger number of law schools are pumping graduates out like sausages out of a sausage factory.
29/01/2015 7:47:05 PM

I sincerely hope there will be more opportunities to fulfil the 2-year supervision requirement. I am having difficulty finding such opportunity.

I wish you all the best and may you succeed.
29/01/2015 1:32:03 PM

Rupert Lugo
Great post Joel.
29/01/2015 12:36:51 PM

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