• Tuesday 30 July  |  1–2pm

    An Introduction to Financial Crime and AML Regulations

    Obtain clarity on the following questions: What is financial crime? Hoes does it filter into different industries? And how do AML regulations attempt to deal with these issues?

  • Tuesday 13 August  |  1–2pm

    Tranche Two: Impact and implementation

    Focusing on Tranche Two of the proposed changes, session two focuses on what the changes mean for law firms and which KYC and due diligence procedures should become a part of standard practice.

  • Monday 23 September  |  1–2pm

    Embodying Best Practice: Awareness and risk mitigation

    Learn the best ways to mitigate risk, the transactions to be aware of in the context of AML/CTF risk, and how to ensure the compliance and integrity of your practice.