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Vacancies on Boards & Committees

Appointment to the Firearms Appeals Committee

The FAC is an independent statutory body that derives its powers from the Firearms Act 1996 (Firearms Act). The FAC conducts hearings and reviews the decisions of the Chief Commissioner of Police in relation to firearms licensing. As a review body, the FAC is expected to abide by well-known legal principles that govern review bodies.

The establishment, jurisdiction and powers of the FAC are set out in Part 9 of the Firearms Act. The FAC has the jurisdiction to review certain decisions of the Chief Commissioner of Police (Chief Commissioner) made under the Firearms Act. For these purposes, the FAC may sit in Divisions (FAC Division). Whilst the jurisdiction of the FAC is limited, its discretion in relation to procedure is wide.

The Committee comprises of 15 persons appointed the Governor-in-Council. Of the persons appointed to the Committee, there are to be five legal members, five ministerial members and five members from the prescribed shooting organisations.

How to Nominate

If you would like to nominate for this position, please send your expression of interest addressing the general attributes of the role and the external appointment criteria (below) and a copy of your current CV to by COB Monday 8 February 2021.

General attributes of the role:

  • Have a general understanding of the Firearms Act 1996 and the powers and functions of the Committee.
  • Be alert to the purpose of the Firearms Act 1996.
  • Attend and actively participate in Committee hearings held during the year.
  • Be aware that a legal member will preside at Committee hearings. The legal member is responsible for producing a written decision.
  • Prepare for hearings in advance by being familiar with all documentation provided.
  • Treat all documentation with care as it may contain sensitive and confidential information.
  • Attend and actively participate in Committee meetings held during the year.
  • Bring any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest to the attention of the Committee Secretariat or the Chair of the Committee.
  • Act with the degree of care and diligence that a reasonable person might be expected to show in the role.

External Appointments Criteria

Expressions of interest for all positions on External Bodies will be considered against the following general selection criteria, which may be supplemented with additional criteria according to the external bodies’ specific requirements and whether these criteria are essential or desirable:

  1. Membership of the Law Institute of Victoria will almost always be a pre-requisite;
  2. A record of involvement in advancing the legal profession other than day to day practice. In most circumstances, this will be demonstrated through an involvement with and advancement of the Law Institute of Victoria and/or its committees;
  3. The need to achieve diverse representation of LIV members appointed to external Boards and Bodies. Consideration will be given to ensuring that the members reflect a broad range of backgrounds, insights and approaches;
  4. Candidates possess the capacities and experience to fulfil the required role, preferably including an understanding of contemporary governance practices;
  5. Availability to attend the relevant meetings and other required commitments.

*Where relevant, criteria 2 and 4 are given double the weight of other criteria.

Time Commitment

The time commitment is not yet confirmed, however the FAC will meet a minimum of four times per year.

  • The hearing of applications is shared between the members of the Committee. Generally, members will be required to hear applications throughout the year, approximately once a month.
  • Committee meetings are held at least four times per year and a member must not be absent from three consecutive meetings without leave being granted.

The members of the committee are remunerated at an amount fixed by the Governor-in-Council.


To the extent practicable, vacancies to be filled should be advertised widely though LIV member channels. The Company Secretary will determine if a different approach should be adopted, based in on the specific requirements of filling a vacancy. A statement of criteria for the particular position should be developed and interested candidates invited to obtain a copy of the criteria to be addressed in their application.

Acknowledging the value of experience and the need for continuity, incumbents who are eligible and willing to seek reappointment to positions may reapply.

The Board reserves the right not to appoint or nominate a person for a position where it considers that none of the nominees meets the selection criteria.

Reporting Back

For those appointed to an external body that holds key strategic significance for the LIV (key stakeholder), it is required that this appointee report back on his/her observations, and agenda items to the LIV Board at least annually, and/or if an item of significant concern arises, to report back to the LIV Board as soon as practicable for actioning through the LIV Company Secretary.


Annual Elections & Casual Vacancies - LIV Director Positions

Elections are held annually by the Law Institute throughout October and November. The Council may also occasionally need to appoint a director to fill a casual vacancy.

The LIV Council attracts extremely talented and qualified individuals with wide-ranging experience. Service on the Council provides directors with unique opportunities to give back to the profession, serve the public interest, and contribute to the governance, development and advancement of the LIV itself. 
The Director Position Description will assist potential candidates to understand the role and obligations of being an LIV Director.

Download the Director Position Description (PDF)


Please contact the Company Secretariat on 03 9607 9513 or by email at with any queries.