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Vacancies on Outside Bodies

Calling for Expressions of Interest: University of Melbourne – Permanency Amendments Longitudinal Study Stakeholder Reference Group

The Universities of Melbourne, New South Wales and Sydney are conducting a ‘Permanency Amendments Longitudinal Study’ in partnership with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

The study arises from a recommendation of the Commission for Children and Young People in the “ and wanted...” report of their inquiry into the impact of the permanency amendments to the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 that came into effect on 1 March 2016.

The Permanency Amendments Longitudinal Study (PALS) Stakeholder Reference Group will have an important role in the project, communicating with researchers on: the study approach, keeping stakeholders informed, and assisting with understanding findings. Members will also help researchers identify stakeholders to participate in interviews and focus groups, which are an important part of PALS.

Reference group meetings will be held up to three times a year until 30 June 2020 in the Melbourne CBD or at Melbourne University, Carlton.

How to submit an expression of interest

If you wish to submit an expression of interest as a nominee of the Law Institute of Victoria you should provide a copy of your CV by 5pm, Monday 22 October. This should be sent to the Company Secretary at with ‘PALS Stakeholder Reference Group’ in the subject line.


Potential members are required to have a strong operational knowledge of the Victorian child protection system and its legislative and statutory framework.

Criteria for Filling Vacancies on Outside Bodies

General Criteria

Candidates for all positions on Outside Bodies will be judged on the following general criteria:

(a) Membership of the Law Institute of Victoria will almost always be a pre-requisite.

(b) A track record of involvement in legal affairs other than day to day practice. Most probably this will be shown through an involvement with and advancement of the Law Institute of Victoria and/or its committees.

(c) The need to achieve a balanced representation across all LIV nominations with particular regard to such matters as gender and age.

(d) The need to share appointments equitably amongst the membership.

Specific Criteria

(a) Where the position calls for particular expertise or qualifications, the ability of the candidate to satisfy those conditions.

(b) Where the appointment is to a body or committee, particular gaps on the committee, which it would be desirable to fill having particular regard to matters such as gender and age.

(c) In cases where the appointment is as a nominee or representative of the Institute, the preparedness of the candidate to advance any relevant LIV policy.

(d) Apparent ability to provide the required commitment.


To the extent practicable in particular circumstances, vacancies to be filled should be advertised widely amongst the membership. A statement of criteria for the particular position should be developed and interested candidates invited to obtain a copy of the criteria to be addressed in their application.

Consultation should include appropriate Section and Committee chairs who should have an on-going responsibility for maintaining communication with representatives related to their committee/section where relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions