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Cite as: (2003) 77(8) LIJ, p.70

New Victorian Regulations (as at 27/6/2003)

2003/42 Forests (You Yangs Regional Park) Regulations
2003/43 Building (Amendment) Regulations
2003/44 Road Safety (Vehicles) (Miscellaneous Fees) Regulations
2003/45 Road Safety (Drivers)(Fees) Regulations
2003/46 Chattel Securities (Fees) Regulations
2003/47 Treasury Corporation of Victoria (Pre scribed Agencies) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/48 Water (Lake Eildon Recreational Area) (Houseboats) Regulations
2003/49 Archaeological & Aboriginal Relics Preservation Regulations
2003/50 Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Regulations
2003/51 Road Safety (Vehicles) (Transfer of Registration Fees) Regulations
2003/52 Supreme Court (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/53 County Court (Court Fees) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/54 Magistrates’ Court (Fees, Costs and Charges) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/55 Bail (Amendment) Regulations
2003/56 Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/57 Juries (Fees, Remuneration and Allowances) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/58 Administration and Probate (Deposit of Wills) (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/59 Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Regulations
2003/60 Liquor Control Reform (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/61 Magistrates’ Court (Arbitration) (Professional Costs) Regulations
2003/62 Subordinate Legislation (Freedom of Information (Access Charges) Regulations 1993 – Extension of peration) Regulations
2003/63 Liquor Control Reform (Prohibited Class of Liquor) Regulations
2003/64 Health (Pest Control) (Fees) Regulations
2003/65 Health (Radiation Safety) (Fees) Regulations
2003/66 Health (Medical Radiation Technologists) (Fees) Regulations
2003/67 Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Sub stances (Fees) Regulations
2003/68 Health Services (Supported Residential Services) (Fees) Regulations
2003/69 Supreme Court (Sheriff’s Fees) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/70 County Court (Bailiff’s Fees) (Amendment) Order
2003/71 Magistrates’ Court (Civil Jurisdiction) (Sheriff’s Fees) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/72 Electricity Safety (Bushfire Mitigation) Regulations
2003/73 Electricity Industry (Prohibited Interest) Regulations
2003/74 National Parks (Park) Regulations
2003/75 Environment Protection (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/76 Gaming Machine Control (Loyalty Schemes) Regulations
2003/77 Pathology Services (Exempted Tests) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/78 Pathology Services Accreditation (General) (Amendment) Regulations
2003/79 Building (Application of Siting Requirements) Regulations
2003/80 Land Tax (Amendment) Regulations
2003/81 Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Amendment No 11) Regulations

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