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Cite as: December 2011 85(12) LIJ, p.85

The LIV Council meets each month to debate and decide issues of importance to members, the overall legal profession and the community. Topics discussed at the 20 October meeting included amendments to the Accredited Specialisation Scheme, the establishment of an LIV charitable foundation, national legal profession reform and, earlier by circular resolution, the LIV annual report 2010 -2011.

Country law association presidents Phil Lynch (Ballarat Law Association), Stephen Shipp (Mornington Peninsula Law Association) and Danielle Leo (Ballarat & District Law Association) were special guests at the meeting.

Accredited Specialisation Scheme

Council endorsed an amendment to the scheme’s rules on substantial involvement and full-time practice policy. It aimed to allow the specialisation board to exercise discretion on a case by case basis to enable a practitioner to continue to hold specialisation when not practising to the minimum criteria of 25 per cent EFT practice in their specialty area. The change creates an opportunity for specialist practitioners who are transitioning into retirement mode to maintain their specialisation.

LIV charitable foundation

Council voted to undertake a scoping study with a view to establishing an LIV charitable foundation for the purposes of raising funds to support programs that increase and ensure awareness of mental health in the legal profession, and address mental health issues in the legal profession through practical initiatives. The aim of the study is to develop an independent “hub” to support all initiatives within the legal profession that aim to reduce the distress, disability and causes of depression and anxiety among the legal profession and to offer insights and practical tips on addressing the causes of depression. The LIV has a demonstrated and ongoing commitment to ensuring lawyer health and wellbeing through research, young lawyer programs, training and educational activities, mentoring programs, online resources and personal support services. The study will research the success of the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation which was established in 2008 in memory of the former UNSW law student and young lawyer who took his own life in 2004.

National profession reform

Council heard that Australia moved one step closer to the long-anticipated national legal profession reforms with the announcement by federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland that the new National Legal Services Board and the National Legal Services Commissioner will be hosted by New South Wales. Victoria has agreed to accept the role of host of the new national legislation, meaning that the legal profession national law will be passed as a substantive law of Victoria.

LIV annual report 2010-2011

Council approved the final LIV annual report for the financial year 2010-2011. The final report was scheduled to be provided to the membership for approval at the annual general meeting on Wednesday, 16 November. To view the report online, visit


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