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Meet the LIV's 2010 Council


Cite as: Jan/Feb 2010 84(1/2) LIJ, p.18

The LIV's 18-member Council is representative of the broad range of the profession, from large city firms to suburban and regional practices, and community law.

Council makes decisions about policies affecting the legal profession and makes representations or comments on policy or legislation to government and other organisations.

It meets at least once each month to consider matters of policy.
Council has a five-member Executive – president, president-elect, immediate past president, vice-president and 5th Executive member.
The Executive meets on a fortnightly basis.

Council Executive


Steven Stevens



Level 43, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000

DX 240 Melbourne

Ph: 9288 1241

Fax: 9607 9542


I am looking forward to 2010 as a year in which we hope to:

  • achieve, together with our sister state/territory law societies and other stakeholders, national profession reform resulting in:
      • simpler and less costly regulation;
      • uniform continuing professional development, admission and complaints procedures;
      • a single set of professional conduct rules for all Australian lawyers,
    • while marking the independence of the legal profession and the judiciary;
    • achieve critical reform in legal aid funding, which is currently lowest in per capita terms in Victoria and has critically threatened and denied access to justice for many in the community; and
    • develop the role of the LIV as a member services organisation in meeting the professional needs of all our members.


    Caroline Counsel


    Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers

    Level 2, 362 La Trobe Street, Melbourne 3000

    Ph: 9328 5810

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I have more than 25 years experience in the law and specialise in family law. I have been privileged to serve on the LIV Council since February 2006 and for the past two years on the Executive.

    This year I will be president-elect and then president in 2011.

    During my time on Council I want to help improve the image of lawyers in the community and ensure lawyers communicate to their advantage with clients, governments, each other and other professionals.

    Immediate past president

    Danny Barlow


    Riordan Legal

    PO Box 1083, Shepparton 3630

    DX 63012 Shepparton

    Ph: 5823 7660

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am delighted to remain on the LIV Council and Executive after last year serving as president.

    One of the most enjoyable aspects of last year was having the opportunity to get out and meet so many LIV members. I had the chance to talk to many of you about issues affecting the practice of law.

    In the future, I will do my best to be involved in initiatives which, in a practical sense, will address some of those issues you have raised with me.


    Michael Holcroft


    Holcroft Avery Lawyers

    PO Box 5028, Mildura 3502

    DX 50020 Mildura

    Ph: 5022 2622

    Fax: 9607 9542


    My practice is located in Mildura. I work primarily in commercial law, commercial litigation, estates and conveyancing. In the past, I also practised in criminal law and personal injuries litigation.

    I stood for the LIV Council to promote the interests of members and assist in the process of lobbying government to the benefit of members and the public.

    I spent 2009 as a member of the Executive. This year I will be vice-president and I look forward to the challenges ahead.

    5th Executive member

    Reynah Tang


    Corrs Chambers Westgarth

    Bourke Place, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

    Ph: 9672 3535

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am a tax partner at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, with more than 15 years experience. I have been privileged to chair the Education Portfolio and the LIJ Editorial Committee over the past year, as well as actively participate in the work of the Audit Committee, Ethics Committee, Commercial Law Section Executive and Taxation and Revenue Committee.

    I have recently been elected 5th member of the LIV Executive and I look forward to the challenges that this new role will entail, particularly as we move rapidly towards a national legal profession.

    I believe that this is an important development for the LIV and its members and, while change is never easy, it represents a real opportunity to influence the future shape of our profession.

    Council members

    Geoff Bowyer


    Beck Legal

    165-171 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo 3550

    DX 55011 Bendigo

    Ph: 5445 3333

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am a director in a mid-sized regional practice located in Bendigo. We specialise in commercial, local government and property law. Born in Shepparton but educated in Melbourne, I graduated from Melbourne University with a law/commerce degree in 1977.

    I have been involved with the private, government and corporate sectors, returning to regional Victoria in 1999. Developing and inspiring people to join, participate and remain active and dynamic in legal practice is why I sought election to Council.

    I want to see our LIV become a leader in making better use of technology and to reduce the time and carbon involved in travelling to and from Melbourne for so many events, be it meetings or courts which can be easily conducted via great and rapidly developing internet-based technology.

    Cathy Gale


    Catherine Gale

    Level 2, 22 William Street, Melbourne 3000

    PO Box 141, Collins Street West 8007

    Ph: 9620 0088

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner, mediator and collaborative lawyer. I run a boutique practice in the city, assisting family law clients to settle their matters without going to court.

    I was first elected to the LIV Council in 2003 and have served as Executive member, treasurer, vice-president and, in 2006, president. I am committed to working towards a national profession and in 2010 will serve on the Law Council of Australia (LCA) Executive as treasurer.

    I am actively involved in the training of lawyers in the collaborative process, and as chair of the LCA’s National Collaborative Practice Committee am involved in the development of guidelines and standards for the development of collaborative practice in Australia.

    Iresha Herath

    Legal counsel

    General Manager, Regulatory Policy & Legal

    Public Transport Safety Victoria (PTSV)

    PO Box 2797, Melbourne 3001

    Ph: 9655 8805

    Fax: 9607 9542


    A former Mallesons senior associate and ministerial adviser to Peter Batchelor, I returned from maternity leave in 2009 to commence work as the legal counsel and general manager, regulatory policy and legal at PTSV, the Victorian public transport safety regulator.

    I have had a long association with the LIV, including serving as the Young Lawyers’ Section president in 2004 and Council member in 2005 and 2007. My aims for office include:

    • improving conditions for junior lawyers, indigenous lawyers and women in practice;
    • supporting the social justice work done by the LIV;
    • supporting and developing pro bono schemes in practice; and
    • improving representation of inhouse corporate and government lawyers.
    Brigid Jenkins

    Independent Children’s Lawyer

    Victoria Legal Aid

    350 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000

    DX 210646 Melbourne

    Ph: 9269 0320

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am an Independent Children’s Lawyer employed by Victoria Legal Aid. I was admitted to practice in 1999 and I have practised in the country, suburbs and the city. For the past four years, I have practised exclusively in the family law area.

    I was elected to Council in 2009 and during that time I have been a member of the Ethics Committee and the CPD Committee. I have enjoyed my time on Council, in particular the opportunity to talk with members about their concerns and to deal with the issues facing the profession.

    My interest in being on Council reflects my experience and I hope to promote the interests of the profession across the board, and in particular those in regional and suburban practice.

    Anthony (Tom) May


    Herbert Geer & Rundle

    Level 21, 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

    DX 428 Melbourne

    Ph: 9641 8917

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am a member of three LIV Sections, but I practise mainly in taxation law. I have been involved in many organisations, both within and outside the legal profession, especially at Monash University. I also have an interest in the agricultural sector.

    I have initiated a regular program whereby the LIV Council meets at country and suburban locations each year as a means of connecting with our members in those locations.

    I believe it is essential that the LIV provides value for money for its members by keeping down annual membership fees as much as possible and charging appropriately for services on a user-pays basis.

    The LIV should also help members become more comfortable with changing technologies and work patterns. It should continue to place emphasis on the Sections and take steps towards creating a strong national lawyers’ organisation and a more integrated profession on a national basis.

    Conor O’Brien

    Principal Solicitor

    Doogue & O’Brien Solicitors

    24a Railway Crescent, Broadmeadows 3047

    Ph: 9351 1455

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am a partner in a criminal law firm which employs five solicitors. I am an accredited specialist in criminal law and have been a member of the LIV Criminal Law Section for 15 years, including serving on the Executive and being a past chair.

    I was elected to Council in 2007 for a three-year term. Over the past two years I have become more aware of the myriad of issues facing the profession and LIV members. One of the most pressing issues is the lamentable lack of funding of Victoria Legal Aid by the federal and state governments. This lack of support leads to access to justice issues which in turn affects the justice system in general. The LIV’s efforts to effect change in this area have been enormous and will continue throughout 2010.

    The year to come will no doubt raise many more complex and interesting issues for the LIV to consider for the betterment of its members and the community.

    John O’Callaghan


    Piper Alderman

    Level 24, 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

    DX 30829 Collins Street Melbourne

    Ph: 8665 5542

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am a partner of Piper Alderman and have practised for more than 25 years.

    I think the Victorian legal profession is at a point which is both exciting and a bit scary. In this regard, we are entering a phase where, finally, the legal profession around Australia will soon become national.

    On the other hand, the continuing effects of the global financial crisis mean that uncertainty and a good deal of fear abound.

    I am looking forward to doing my part in assisting the Victorian legal profession through these exciting but difficult times.

    Bruce Pippett


    dkp lawyers Pty Ltd

    Suite 107, 3 Male Street, Brighton 3186

    PO Box 285, Brighton 3186

    DX 18604 Brighton

    Ph: 9553 8108

    Fax: 9607 9542


    Serving members and protecting their interests is of vital concern to me during the next three years on Council.

    With a national profession on the horizon it is hoped that lawyers can be freed from over-burdensome legislation.

    Lawyers pride themselves on independence from government and bureaucracy. It is important therefore that the LIV stands up for its members in regard to regulation and for the rights of those in our community in need of legal assistance.

    Steven Sapountsis

    Special Counsel

    Moores Legal

    3 Prospect Street, Box Hill 3128

    Ph: 9898 0000

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am a lawyer with more than 25 years experience. I have worked in small and large suburban practices, and small and large CBD firms. I have had extensive experience in regulatory and investigations work and as such have had involvement with countless mortgage, commercial and general practices and the principals and clients of those practices. Some of that work has allowed me to experience country practice.

    I have also had the pleasure and challenge of being involved with the LCA and the LIV projects in developing and implementing legal profession policies.

    Currently, my work is mainly in commercial litigation.

    I hope that my experience can provide a useful voice on Council and help identify and deal with issues and opportunities which lawyers need to deal with.

    My aim for the coming year is to assist in any way possible the maintenance and advancement of a strong, independent profession, well regarded by its clients and the public generally.

    Dominique Saunders

    Corporate Counsel

    Western Health

    Gordon Street, Footscray 3011

    Ph: 8345 7492

    Fax: 9607 9542


    This year will be my sixth year on Council. I have a wide background in public law as well as private practice and joined Western Health as corporate counsel in 2008. I also volunteer at the Western Suburbs Legal Service.

    I am Council liaison for the Administrative Law and Human Rights Section, co-chair the AMA/LIV/Bar Joint Medico-Legal Committee and am a member of the Ethics Committee.

    These roles allow me to make a contribution to the profession in leading and responding to law reform, human rights, access to justice and social policy.

    Lucy Terracall

    Clayton Utz

    333 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000

    DX 38451 333 Collins

    Ph: 9286 6305

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am a fourth year lawyer at Clayton Utz, practising in insurance. This is my second year on Council. This year I look forward to continuing my involvement with the Young Lawyers’ Section and the other committees of which I am an active member.

    There are many issues facing the legal profession in 2010, not the least of which is the progression towards a truly national profession.

    This step will, I believe, create a more flexible working environment for all Australian lawyers and will streamline the existing regulation of the profession.

    Stuart Webb

    Section Head

    Victoria Legal Aid

    350 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000

    DX 210646 Melbourne

    Ph: 9269 0416

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am a lawyer with five years experience in public and administrative law, working at Victoria Legal Aid. I am extremely interested in access to justice, in ensuring that as many people as possible within our community have fair and open access to the justice system in state and federal jurisdictions.

    I aim to ensure that the LIV remains at the forefront of legal, political and social policy debate, to encourage the profession to be active within our community, and that the LIV remains relevant to the cross-section of the community who engage with us.

    Mark Woods


    Tyler Tipping & Woods Solicitors

    81 Hotham Street, Traralgon 3844

    DX 84405 Traralgon

    Ph: 5174 6311

    Fax: 9607 9542


    I am an accredited specialist in criminal law and family law, practising in regional Victoria. I will be advocating that the LIV Council vigorously pursue a number of issues during its present term, including:

    • support and lobbying for acceptance by the federal government of the PwC report on legal aid funding, and an increase of $42 million in funding in the 2010 budget;
    • ensuring the move to a national regulation regime for the profession involves less regulation and less cost to members;
    • lobbying for support by the government to adopt the recommendations of the 2009 Senate Report on Access to Justice; and
    • continued lobbying for measures to address the shortage of lawyers in regional Victoria.


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