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LIV advocacy

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Cite as: (2008) 82(6) LIJ, p.12

To represent the interests of members and the wider community, the LIV actively seeks to influence policy and legislation through lobbying and submissions to government, the courts and other bodies.

Australian Lawyers Alliance

LIV CEO Mike Brett Young met with Clara Davis and Seth Tenkate from the Australian Lawyers Alliance’s Sydney office to discuss insurance issues.

Country and Suburban Law Associations

During the past month the LIV has continued to meet with and discuss issues with members of the Country and Suburban Law Associations. The LIV April Council meeting was held in Mildura.

LIV president Tony Burke attended the meetings of the Mornington Peninsula Solicitors Group and the Southern Solicitors Group.

Mr Brett Young attended the Bendigo Law Association AGM and discussed the new traineeship scheme. He attended the Mornington Peninsula Law Association meeting and held a bi-monthly teleconference with the associations.

Institute of Chartered Accountants

Mr Burke and Mr Brett Young met with the Institute of Chartered Accountants. It was agreed that the LIV would continue to meet with the Institute to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Justice Statement 2

Mr Burke and Mr Brett Young attended a Justice Statement 2 stakeholders’ meeting, addressed by Victorian Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Rob Hulls. Justice Statement 2 is due to be released later this year.

Legal education

Mr Brett Young met with College of Law Victoria CEO Anita Kwong to discuss closer ties between the College and the LIV.

Mr Brett Young met with Leo Cussen Institute CEO Elizabeth Loftus to discuss education facilities.

Mr Burke and Mr Brett Young attended the University of Melbourne Faculty of Law meeting.

National Profession Harmonisation Committee

Mr Brett Young attended the inaugural meeting of the Law Council of Australia (LCA) National Profession Harmonisation Committee in Sydney, which included CEOs from the LCA member bodies around the country. The committee has set priorities for harmonisation of the Legal Profession Act.

Sentencing Advisory Council

Mr Brett Young attended the launch of the Sentencing Advisory Council’s Suspended Sentences Final Report, addressed by Council chair Arie Freiberg and Mr Hulls.

Sustainable organisations

Mr Brett Young met with the Net Balance Foundation, a not-for-profit think tank set up to work with groups in the pursuit of sustainable business. The LIV will use their expertise to assist in measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of the LIV. The first step will be to undertake a greenhouse gas audit.


Submissions made by the LIV may be viewed at

Australia–India Free Trade Agreement Feasibility Study

The LIV made a submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, regarding the Australia-India Free Trade Agreement (AIFTA) Feasibility Study. The LIV considers that a comprehensive FTA between India and Australia could bring significant advantages to both countries.

Commercial Law Section

The LIV made submissions to the State Revenue Office, regarding recent changes to trustee exceptions and property passing to the beneficiaries of trusts under the Duties Act 2000.

The LIV also made two submissions on the Income Tax Assessment Act, one addressing s6D regarding potential changes to eligible investment funds and one on s6C, specifically in relation to the provisions of this Act dealing with rent and passive investments.

The Exceptions Review

The LIV made a submission to the Department of Justice on the Exceptions Review. The LIV recommended repeal of a range of exceptions, namely religious beliefs or principles, welfare measures and special needs, competitive sporting activities, the small business exception to discrimination in employment related areas, employers’ ability to discriminate on a basis of gender identity, and the statutory authority exception. The LIV also made recommendations as to specific amendments of a number of exceptions.

Review of Laws Relating to Substitute Decision-making

The LIV made a submission welcoming Victorian government initiatives in relation to mental health and calling for a wholesale review of laws relating to substitute decision-making. The LIV considers that sustainable reform would need to be independent, sufficiently resourced, is sufficient length, and include appropriate consultation with stakeholders. The submission makes a number of key recommendations for the review

.Law Council of Australia (LCA) submissions

The latest LCA submissions can be seen at

The LIV’s media adviser KERRY O’SHEA is available to help members with particular media issues and can be contacted on ph 9607 9373 or for more information see

LIV and the media

ABC Statewide weekly segment with the LIV
9 April Legality of fingerprinting schoolchildren.

16 April Find an adviser service, leaving kids home alone.

23 April Legal aid funding, 2020 Summit.

30 April Water buy back, cutting off water supply for non-payment.

7 May State Budget funding for law and order.

ABC Lindy Burns legal segment
3 April State government consultation to allow R18+ computer games.

17 April Unusual trade marks and how to register them.

1 May Elder abuse and elder law – free Law Week elder seminars.

Annoying game law
LIV comments on law after a Warrnambool man is charged with conducting a game to the annoyance of others

29 April ABC Ballarat

Best Bars

Young Lawyers vote

11 April The Age

LIV concerned for potential liability of solicitors

11 April The Australian

Family Court ruling on prenuptial agreements
Ruling casts doubt on the validity of prenuptial agreements. LIV says the Court will look closely at all agreements

19 April Herald Sun

LIV Council meets in Mildura
Council meeting discusses issues including attracting young lawyers to the country. LIV says it is important regional lawyers are connected to the organisation

21 April Sunraysia Daily

Law Week
VLF and LIV free activities for Law Week

1 April Various suburban papers

Sale of banned DVD
Court of Appeal decision on banned DVD of Underbelly explained.

22 April ABC Albury Wodonga with Joseph Thompson

Scalping tickets to concerts
LIV explains the law relating to scalping, following move to sell $10 Wiggles ticket for $2000

15 April ABC Lindy Burns

Sexual harassment in the workplace
Issues for workplaces

5 April The Age

Silly laws
Queensland is to abolish laws against wizardry and piracy. Victorian silly laws discussed

30 April Triple J

Single mums face big cuts
LIV comments on change in payments

27 April Sunday Herald Sun

Suspended sentences
LIV supports Sentencing Advisory Council report, particularly continuing suspended sentences.

17 April Derryn Hinch 3AW

18 April Herald Sun and Financial Review

Work addicts
Former LIV president Cathy Gale profiled, LIV working hours survey mentioned

6 April Sunday Age

Work/life balance
Lawyers head professions with “role overload” in work/life balance

9 April The Age


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