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LIJ October 2003

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LIJ October 2003

Cover Story

Cover Story

Transport accident law
In light of the increasing complexity of conducting litigation in the field of transport accident law, the LIJ has devoted a Special Issue to this important area of practice

By Simon French, Secretary of the Litigation Lawyers’ Section

Cover Story

Feature Articles

Centrelink preclusion provisions
Solicitors must ensure their clients understand social security implications when compensation payments are settled.

By Marie Booth

Accidents during employment 
In many circumstances, a straightforward claim for an injury suffered in the course of employment can be unexpectedly complicated by the presence of a motor vehicle.
By Robert Burdeu

Interstate claims
Each state has its own scheme for handling personal injury claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents. As a result, it’s not uncommon to be asked to give advice to a Victorian resident injured interstate.

By Don O'Halloran

TAC benefits for children 
Representing injured children is a challenge for any lawyer. Representing a child injured in a transport accident adds a further degree of difficulty requiring careful consideration and judgment.
By Michael Lombard and Fiona Ryan

Locking in the right interpretation
The courts have a role to ensure that the AMA guides to permanent impairment are not confined to narrow interpretations.

By Pru Connolly

Keep your eyes on the Bausch 
VCAT’s decision in Bausch sets guidelines for the provision of “all relevant documents” for a hearing de novo.
By John Voyage

Death claims and the TAC
Should a death arise from a transport accident, the Transport Accident Commission may be required to pay various benefits.

By Geraldine Collins

Trade Practices Act
Price cutting and anti-competitive behaviour 
The High Court decision in Boral will help analysts and players in a market determine whether particular conduct is legitimate (pro-competitive) or illegitimate (anti-competitive).
By Amelia Burgess


Subpoenas: strict rules apply
A solicitor issuing a subpoena can be in serious trouble if he or she does not ensure that the procedures laid down by the court are followed exactly.

By Mark Yorston

Workers' Compensation
The end of an era Rizza revisited 
More than 10 years after sustaining the original injury a compensation case is finally settled.
By Harry Gill


  • LIV push to fix body corporate laws
  • National profession moves closer
  • Lawyers argue for good Corrs
  • 80th birthday honours for Sir Ninian
  • eFile under easy listing
  • Cyclists take on firm challenge
  • News

  • Hulls moves on briefing practices
  • World lawyers call for standardised laws
  • Mandatory CPD Scheme to start in 2004
  • Push for child punishment ban
  • Advance Australian cares, ex-LAWASIA chief says
  • Lawyers urge paper cut
  • Glitz and glamour as young lawyers gather
  • Secombs celebrates centenary
  • Farewell Judge Graeme Crossley
  • Every Issue

  • From the CEO : Better protection for consumers
  • With all due respect?: Court goes Microsoft on techno-giant
  • Pro bono: The Law Aid Scheme
  • Legislation Update
  • Law Institute advocacy
  • inreference (articles)
  • Member Benefits
  • inprint (books)
  • According to merit?: Self-defence – a 21st century perspective
  • Practice Notes
  • Ethics: To keep a confidence
  • New admissions
  • From the President : Privilege is precious
  • Penalty Interest Rate
  • Ethics Committee rulings
  • Unsolicited
  • insites (web)
  • VLRC: Excuses, excuses
  • Reviews of judgments
  • Tax issues: A taxing rule
  • I.T. in practice: Robust systems
  • Institute Update
  • Conferences
  • Superannuation: Driving a super bargain
  • Legal action
  • Human resources: Having the bottle to outsource
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