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Cite as: October 2009 83(10) LIJ, p60

New Victorian Sessional Assents

(as at 10/8/2009)

2009 No. 40 Crown Land Acts Amendment (Lease and Licence Terms) Act

2009 No. 41 Electricity Industry Amendment (Premium Solar Feed-in Tariff) Act

2009 No. 42 Food Amendment (Regulation Reform) Act

2009 No. 43 Gambling Regulation Amendment Act

2009 No. 44 Legislation Reform (Repeals No. 4) Act

2009 No. 45 Statute Law Amendment (Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities) Act

New Victorian 2009 Regulations

(as at 10/8/2009)

2009 No. 81 National Parks (Fees and Charges) Amendment Regulations

2009 No. 82 Plumbing Amendment Regulations

2009 No. 83 Magistrates' Court (Committals) Rules

2009 No. 84 Transport (Ticketing) Amendment (Mykis and Other Smartcards) Regulations

2009 No. 85 Associations Incorporation Regulations

2009 No. 86 Fair Trading Regulations

2009 No. 87 Fair Trading (Safety Standard) (Treadmills) Regulations

New Commonwealth 2009 Assents

(as at 10/8/2009)

2009 No. 71 National Health Amendment (Pharmaceutical and Other Benefits - Cost Recovery) Act

2009 No. 72 Health Workforce Australia Act

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