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LIV President's Blog
February 23, 2011

Leave no lawyer behind

‘Leaving no lawyer behind’ is my presidential credo this year, and at the LIV Annual Conference of Council last week I had the opportunity to explain what it means.
I fleshed-out the presidential platform by looking to the past and to the future, by discussing the current scene in which lawyers have to operate and what we anticipate is coming at us.
The conference program covered a diverse range of subjects as they related to the legal profession and lawyers: economic trends, reputation and community standing, gender diversity, outsourcing low-end work, stakeholder engagement, political lobbying in 2011 and, of course, social media.
Social media, its power and its potential in the law, was examined by US lawyer Adrian Dayton, who is an expert in the field of social media for law practices. He explained how social media can attract new clients, increase the exposure and reputation of law firms and enhance the capabilities of the modern lawyer.
From my perspective, the future is incredibly exciting but also incredibly intense for legal professionals. We’ve all got a great deal to take on board on top of the rigors of daily practice. So I was very glad to see three of the 13 conference sessions devoted to body and mind.
Mental health, Meditation and Health and Well-being were discussed in terrifically interesting detail by health experts. Dr Quasi Hussain of Psylegal talked about building resilience of lawyers through mindfulness and stress management and Katie Round, general manager of Human Resources at the LIV spoke on the various health and well-being services offered by the LIV. Kay Dyson talked about the positive benefits of meditation which include improved concentration, health and creativity and reduced anxiety. As an eight-year veteran of meditation, I can vouch for the value of quieting the mind.
Lawyering is such cerebral work. Many of us read the equivalent of a small novel most days. It’s crucial to clear away the cobwebs. I think many of us left the conference determined to take a more holistic approach to lawyering, to carve out regular quiet time or hit the gym or eat healthier or in some way look after ourselves a bit better.
It was an inspiring weekend and I’ve come back to the President’s office reinvigorated and very much looking forward to the year ahead – and beyond.

What are your priorites for this legal year and beyond? Add a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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Marika McMahon
thanks for the summary Caroline, some really interesting thouts there. Would be great to get some of those topics covered in regional Victoria as well!
23/02/2011 5:55:41 PM

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