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Candidate Support Services

Past Assessment Materials

Prospective specialists are able to access past assessment materials. Past exam papers provide potential candidates with the opportunity to attempt past assessments and get a feel for the standard and format of the examinations. Copies of previous simulated interviews are also available for purchase to assist candidates prepare for assessments. Complete and return the Assessment Materials Order Form to order assessment materials.

Past Assessment Material can also be purchase directly on our website. See the LIV's Education Products Catalogue to browse material available.

Discussion Groups

LIV facilitates discussion groups on the areas offered in the assessments year. The discussion groups usually target an assessment topic outlined in the guidelines. These sessions are planned ahead of the assessment dates and are designed to help candidates keep up to date with the changes in law as well as prepare for the assessments.

Learning Management System

Moodle is an online learning management platform which has been custom built to assist with the delivery of some of the assessments as well as provide a virtual space for candidates to connect with each other through sharing and exchanging information.

Information & Prospective Specialist Networking Events

The annual information evening occurs on last Monday of February each year and covers all areas of law offered in the assessment year. The information evening provides prospective candidates with:

  • Valuable information on the application and assessment process
  • Course expectations and resources for the program
  • An opportunity to hear from some recent specialists through an interactive panel discussion
  • The chance to join discussion groups with new specialists and Advisory Committee members.

The prospective specialist networking evening provides an opportunity to learn about key dates and program details, network with current specialists and meet other practitioners who are seeking to apply for the program. Prospective candidates have an opportunity to form study groups to assist with preparations ahead of the assessment program during the networking night.

These are both free events designed to help prospective candidates access information about the program.

Assessment Techniques Evening

The assessment techniques evening will provide attendees with valuable information on how to prepare for assessments as well as helpful techniques to use when undergoing assessment. At this session, guest speakers will discuss written examination techniques along with how to approach the oral/take-home assessment components. There will also be an opportunity for questions and answers. The session is usually held in late May of the assessment year.

Study Groups

One of the ways in which applicants for Accredited Specialisation prepare for an assessment program is by getting together with others and studying on an informal basis. There is a significant amount of preparation and study that a candidate will need to undertake prior to sitting each of the assessment components. Past candidates have benefited from teaming up with others to combine their study efforts and valued the peer support. It is highly recommend that candidates participate in a study group to assist with preparations ahead of assessments. The LIV helps candidates form informal study groups with other candidates and provide resources to facilitate the group.


Mentoring is an informal process by which current candidates can benefit from the experience of practitioners who have already successfully gone through the accreditation process. A list of mentors will be circulated in April to the candidates who are accepted to the program. The candidates can contact the mentors to get assistance in preparing for the program or discuss any issues relevant to their practice.

Bookshop and Library

The bookshop provides candidates with many of the essential resources required to successfully complete the assessment program. The bookshop stocks publications for sale that are drawn from all major Australian and overseas law publishers. Online shopping provides around the clock ordering for legal forms, student texts, practitioner materials and trust stationary, etc. The website provides all product details, prices, approval numbers and item codes to ensure candidates order the appropriate legal materials.

The LIV library is a legal resource and information centre for LIV members and the wider legal profession. The primary mission of the library is to provide access to quality information services and legal resources. Library services are structured to ensure lawyers, irrespective of their proximity to the LIV, can make good use of resources and services. The library is managed by experienced legal librarians who add value through the provision of research assistance and training in the use of online information for legal research. LIV members are able to borrow texts, seminar papers and multimedia material from the library via the catalogue. Loaned items can be collected from the library or mailed to members at no charge. For more information visit the library page.