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Practice Management Course

The LIV Practice Management Course (PMC) has been expertly designed to provide the essential business and financial knowledge and skills to help lawyers transition to principal of their own practice or move into partnership, identify practice risks, and develop strategies to mitigate them. Delivered through a blended learning approach, the modules simulate a business lifecycle.

New skills requirement: grant of a principal practising certificate policy

For grants of principal practising certificates that commence on or after 1 January 2019, lawyers who apply for a principal practising certificate will need to exhibit additional skills and expertise necessary to manage a law practice.

The Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner (VLSB+C) has issued the Grant of a Principal Practising Certificate Policy (Policy) to support the Board’s discretion to grant a principal practising certificate.

The Policy states that a lawyer who seeks to be granted a principal Australian practising certificate in Victoria will need to demonstrate that they possess the additional skills and expertise necessary to manage a law practice competently, diligently and successfully.  A way for lawyers to display the necessary skills and expertise to the VLSB+C will be to successfully complete a practice management course which has been assessed by the VLSB+C as meeting these guidelines.

The LIV’s PMC has been assessed by the VLSB+C as meeting these guidelines. 

The Policy and course guidelines are available on the Board’s website at

Benefits of LIV’s PMC:

  • Learn from a range of leaders who share expert knowledge in all facets of legal practice management
  • Be prepared for the increased responsibilities connected with becoming a principal
  • Receive a comprehensive suite of learning aids, including course materials, online learning modules and practical and interactive workshops to reinforce and guide you when  transitioning to the role of principal
  • Access a range of business templates and FAQs that will assist you to develop and build your practice
  • Obtain LIV support and guidance throughout the PMC and access to after care and follow-up support through the LIV’s professional practice area  
  • Build your peer network through small learning environments and maintain these connections through the LIV PMC alumni group
Course structure and deliverables
Course materials Underpinning the workshops, participants will have access to and will be required to review all of the course materials relating to each topic ahead of the relevant workshop. The course materials will be available to download and review online. Course materials will include, but won’t be limited to, study texts, guidelines, workbooks and fact sheets.
Learning exercises Building on the study texts, a set of learning exercises will be designed to provide an interactive forum for each attendee to self-assess and demonstrate their knowledge.
Workshops This course includes three days (21 hours) of interactive face-to-face delivery. It is intended that the LIV will deliver the program follows:
  • Day 1 -  Start up: introduction to practice management, business strategy and succession planning, and financial management
  • Day 2 -  Legal fundamentals operations: practice management systems, trust accounting, professional standards and ethics and risk management
  • Day 3 -  Growth and transition: managing technology and innovation, business development and marketing, people management and leadership, succession planning and exit strategies
Online learning Complementary to the workshops, a range of digital formats will be included in the LIV PMC such as e-learning activities, webinars, videos, online questionnaires, peer learning and collaboration.
Assessment The course includes a variety of assessments which have been developed to test the practical application of the skills and knowledge acquired as part of the program. Participants will be assessed on the following topics: business planning, risk management and audit and trust accounting. Participants will receive an assessment brief as part of the workshop and will be required to submit their assessments within two weeks of attending the workshops.

To view details, and to register, please cick on your chosen course date below.

For more information email or call (03) 9607 9473.

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