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Who are we?

Institute of Legal Executives

The concept of Institutes of Legal Executives started over 100 years ago in the United Kingdom, by way of the Managing Clerks’ Association which eventually became the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX).

The Institute of Legal Executives (Victoria) ACN 004 670 928 is a non-profit professional association incorporated in 1966. The Institute of Legal Executives (Australia) Limited ACN 065 191 755 was incorporated in 1994, with one of its purposes being to preserve the status and integrity of the Institutes of Legal Executives and their members across the broader Australian community.

The Victoria Institute is presently the membership body. Its members are mainly based in Victoria, although there are some members in all States of Australia, and members work in many different roles and disciplines.

Fellows of the Victoria Institute currently have the privilege of being authorised to witness Statutory Declarations and take Affidavits in Victoria pursuant to the Evidence (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1958, and to certify certain copy documents. A person who has achieved Fellowship of the Institute is called a “Legal ExecutiveTM; and is a member of the Institute with full voting rights.

It is an aim of the Institutes that, in future years, membership of the Australia Institute will be expanded and members of both Institutes, as well as members of the Western Australia Institute, will ultimately achieve recognition across Australia similar to that currently enjoyed by members of the Victoria Institute.

There are other Institutes of Legal Executives with which we keep in touch, and which share a similar philosophy. These are the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives Inc., the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (formerly ILEX), and the Irish Institute of Legal Executives. There are also similar organisations in South Australia and Canada.

The Victoria and Australia Institutes are separate organisations from the Law Institute of Victoria, but work with the Law Institute on matters of mutual concern, such as assisting students in relation to legal careers and legal education. The Institutes thank the Law Institute for its ongoing support and hosting of this website.

General objectives

The Victoria Institute was incorporated with various aims in mind. The Memorandum of Articles states in part that the objects for which the Institute were founded are -

  • To provide and maintain an organisation for that branch of the legal profession ... and to advance and protect the status and interest of that branch of the legal profession.
  • To promote professional unity amongst persons engaged in the said branch and to promote co-operation and mutual assistance between them.
  • Generally to promote the education, whether general or legal, and professional advancement of persons with a view to assisting them to become proficient in the Law and to qualify as Legal Executives and, in particular, either alone or jointly with the Law Institute or any other body, to arrange, establish and conduct educational schemes, conferences, lectures and examinations.
  • To give and award diplomas, certificates, prizes, scholarships, bursaries and other rewards to persons showing proficiency in the Law.

The Australia Institute has similar aims and objectives.

Why you should join the Institute/benefits of membership:

  • Being part of a professional organisation which believes that everyone makes a valuable contribution to the profession, no matter what their employment role may be;
  • Being recognised for your achievements;
  • Meeting with other like-minded persons at networking events;
  • Having access to Educational opportunities;
  • Receiving our bi-monthly Journal, The Legal Executive, and having access to other publications and information found in the ‘members only’ area of our website;
  • Having access to employment information such as employment opportunities advertised in our Journal, and the results of member surveys on matters such as ‘market’ salaries;
  • Contributing to the profession, and ‘making a difference’.

Current Council Members:

Below is a list of current council members and directors appointed at the 2018 Annual General Meeting:

  • Sharon Barnes
  • Brooke Dean
  • Karen Dimasi
  • Dawn Haughton-Wyatt
  • Joanne Hazeldene
  • Vivian Spilva
  • Kathleen Wilson (Past President)
  • Emily Young

Our Philosophy:

Everyone employed in the legal profession is important; every task done well, whether it be mundane or carried out at a high level of responsibility, contributes to a better profession.

Experientia Docet Sapientiam: Experience Teaches Wisdom.

Institute Contact Details:

New telephone number - 0415 98 7159
CEO email -

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