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Unified IT

Unified IT

Australian Law Firms are a major target for Cyber‐attacks. Don’t let your Law Firm become a victim to Cyber‐attacks.

We will proactively protect your Law Firm from Cyber‐attacks.

Unified IT is an Award‐Winning Cyber Security Company based in Melbourne. We specialise in keeping your Law Firm Safe from Cyber Attacks.

As an LIV Member, you qualify for an exclusive 20% discount on our Advanced Cyber Security Protection for your Law Firm.

LIV Members Offer Includes:

  • Advanced Email Security Protection
    • Email Phishing Protection
    • Malware Protection
    • Impersonation Protection
    • Spam Protection
  • Advanced Firewall Protection
  • Advanced End Point Protection
    • PC’s/Laptops
    • Servers
  • Advanced DNS Protection
  • Advanced 2FA Protection
  • Dark Web Monitoring

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