Accredited Specialisation enables key career progression, positioning specialists as experts recognised by the legal profession and the community.

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Start out strong in your legal career by building your network and participating in advocacy opportunities with LIV Young Lawyers.

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Regional and suburban law associations across Victoria provide a place where lawyers can come together on local issues.

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Accredited Specialist

As an accredited specialist member of the LIV, you get access to:
  • an exclusive status that sets you apart
  • complimentary ethics education
  • profile-building opportunities
  • discounts on tailored professional development.

“As an LIV accredited specialist in workplace relations, I am able stand out as an expert in my field and have access to an exceptional network of support.”
Jessica Main, LIV Accredited Specialist in Workplace Relations, Senior Lawyer, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers

Practising Membership: $ 515 (plus specialisation fees)

Join the LIV from 1st April 2018 and remain a member until 30th June 2019*
*Members will receive the remainder of this financial year at no additional cost.