The power and prestige of a professional association is derived from its members. Membership is the foundation of the LIV.  The strength and success of the LIV lies in the commitment, diversity and expertise of our members.

LIV members reflect all sectors of the legal profession (pdf); while many work in legal firms, from small practice through to large international firms, an increasing number work as in-house counsel, in government and community legal centres.  A strong and active young lawyer program together with student membership aims to ensure that the LIV is positioned to represent the future of the legal profession.

With a diversity of backgrounds, interests and experiences, our members represent a wide range of demographic profiles.  LIV members make significant contributions to their communities and to the profession, undertaking pro bono work, volunteering their time on committees, facilitating education activities, preparing submissions, contributing to publications and lobbying for improvements to legal systems.

What our members think

The LIV is committed to understanding and progressing issues that matter to our members and in ensuring programs and services benefit members professionally, personally and in practice.

The LIV seeks and encourages feedback through formal and informal channels in order to:

  • Understand member perceptions of the LIV
  • Determine member satisfaction with LIV services
  • Acquire member views on topical issues
  • Identify future program and service requirements

In 2009 two formal pieces of research were undertaken.

The first, an independently commissioned satisfaction study, aimed to understand member perceptions of the LIV, review their satisfaction with LIV performance, establish views on topical issues and identify future products and service needs.  The results of the study were overall positive and constructive.

  • Satisfaction outweighed dissatisfaction on member benefits and customer service
  • In relation to the LIV’s purpose, most members agreed that the LIV raised the profile and standing of the legal profession, advocate justice for all and was the dynamic leader and innovator of the legal profession
  • The LIV’s reputation as a professional body was highly rated, with 89 per cent of members rating it good or better
  • 86 per cent of members would recommend LIV membership.

The second was the 2010 Annual Business and Professions Study conducted by Beaton Consulting, which benchmarks the LIV against other major Australian professional associations.  The top three drivers of LIV performance, as rated by members:

  • Keeping members up-to-date with relevant developments or issues in their field of practice
  • Member communications
  • Access to information that will assist members in their work

The main reasons cited by members for joining the LIV:

  • Remain informed with developments and issues impacting the profession
  • Access information that will assist them perform their role
  • Access to member services
  • To gain a sense of belonging to a professional community
  • Support the development of their knowledge and skills

The most frequently accessed LIV services:

  • Website
  • Information and publications
  • Professional Development Program
LIV Social