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LIJ December 2005

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Cover Story

Men in tight financial situations: litigation funding in the 21st century
Traditional concerns with maintenance and champerty are being eroded as the business of litigation funding by non-parties for profit receives encouragement from recent court decisions.

By Jamie Richardson and Michael O’Brien

Feature Articles

A moral duty to resolve: making sense of family provision in Victoria
The issue of whether “moral duty” must be demonstrated by applicants in family provision cases continues to generate uncertainty.

By James McConvill and Victoria Lambropoulos

Avoidance under the Duties Act
Anti-avoidance provisions have been included in the Duties Act. There is considerable uncertainty about when they can be applied and the type of liability to which they give rise.

By Chris Furnell

Camel by committee: an insight into oversight of Victoria police
The state government’s ad hoc approach to the overseeing of Victoria Police, including the formation of the Office of Police Integrity one year ago, has resulted in a plethora of newly-created institutions with power to oversee various aspects of policing in the state. The danger from such a fractured approach is ineffective accountability.

By Colleen Lewis

East Timor – “crimes against humanity” trials on our doorstep
The Special Panel of the Dili District Court in Australia’s near neighbour, East Timor, has been set up to try those accused of “crimes against humanity”. The experiment has had mixed success.

By Martin Clutterbuck

Examining New Zealand’s Youth Court
Aspects of the Youth Court system in New Zealand, such as a team approach to youth welfare, afford useful insights for practitioners working within the juvenile justice system in Victoria.

By Liz Curran

Recovery of damages for negligently inflicted psychiatric injury: where are we now?
Recent provisions inserted into the Wrongs Act 1958 have affected the common law right to claim damages for psychiatric injury suffered as a result of negligence.

By Harold Luntz

The un-erasable ledger: revisiting Comcare “cease effects” decisions
Practitioners should review past matters where the AAT has affirmed a cease effects decision or a decision to deny a s14 claim at a time after an earlier s14 acceptance.

By David Richards


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