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LIJ June 2004

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Cover Story

Doing deals in sport
There is no place for gentlemen's agreements in multi-million dollar sports contracts.

By Max Duthie

Cover Story

Feature Articles

Duty of care

Doctors, counselling and confidentiality obligations
Communication skills are an essential tool for medical practitioners in managing patient care.

By Dr Kerry Petersen


Drink-driving: the latest defences
Increasingly severe consequences for conviction on drink-driving and related offences have encouraged Victorian motorists to present a range of defences when contesting these charges in the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal.

By Warwick J Walsh-Buckley


Firm costs for 2005
Firms may face higher wages bills and increased administrative costs as a result of a referral of industrial relations powers to the Commonwealth.

By Karen Hermann

Personal injuries

International air travel and “accidents”
The Victorian Court of Appeal has confirmed that under the Warsaw Convention passengers on international flights cannot claim against airlines for injuries related to deep vein thrombosis.

By Andrew Field

Personal injuries

Persisting difficulties with “serious injury” applications
Plaintiffs often have to overcome severe obstacles when making a "serious injury" application under s135A of the Accident Compensation Act

By Andrew Ingram and Michael Schaefer

Child support

Reciprocal child support arrangements
A treaty concluded between the US and Australian governments should bring significant benefits to those seeking reciprocal enforcement of child support arrangements between the two countries.

By William J Keough

Trust accounts

Solicitors and trust funds in the High Court
Courts may take a strict view of solicitors' liability in cases of breach of trust or misapplication of trust money.

By Michael Gronow

Water law

The ghost of Rylands v Fletcher
Liability for water escaping from private dams should be considered as part of the normal statutory regime governing liability for water flows in Victoria.

By Robert Sadler


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