CPD Requirements

Under the CPD rules, lawyers must complete 10 hours of CPD activities during each CPD year (from 1 April to 31 March), to help ensure their knowledge and skills are kept current.

Guidance on what constitutes CPD activities is provided in:

You must keep a record of all your CPD activities completed in the current CPD year, and must retain those records for three CPD years. 

Certification of Your Compliance at Renewal

When you apply to renew your practising certificate, you must certify whether or not you have met your CPD obligations for the previous CPD year.

CPD Compliance

The LIV is the Victorian Legal Services Board’s delegate for administering its CPD compliance functions relating to the following areas.

Verification (Audit)

Rule 14 of the CPD Rules requires solicitors to verify during each CPD year compliance with the applicable CPD Rules. 

At any time, you may be required to verify within 21 days whether you have met your CPD obligations for the current CPD year, or any of the three previous CPD years.

A random selection of solicitors will receive an e-mail advising that they are subject to the CPD Audit.

If you have been selected for the CPD Audit, then you are required to complete and return by e-mail a CPD form, record of CPD activities and evidence in support in the form of:

  1. receipts of payment of CPD activities
  2. signed attendances records
  3. attendances confirmation
  4. copies of presentation notes
  5. copies of enrolment records
  6. copies of Certificate of Completion of CPD activities.

Please contact CPD Compliance if you have any queries about CPD Verification at compliance@liv.asn.au.

The CPD Record and form is available here.

Please also refer to the Victorian Legal Services Board CPD Policies.


If certification or verification reveals that you have not met your CPD obligations, you will receive written notice requiring you to submit a rectification plan within 21 days.


You may apply for an exemption, in whole or in part, from the requirement to undertake CPD activities under the CPD rules.