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Uniform law: is your external examiner approved under the uniform law?

Uniform law: is your external examiner approved under the uniform law?


Uniform Laws 


Recent VLSB+C communication

On Friday 10 November 2017, the VLSB+C sent an email to law practices whose external examiner, according to VLSB+C records, had yet to undertake the Uniform External Examiner course.

The email advised:

  •  completion of the course is a mandatory requirement for any persons wishing to conduct external examinations
  •  previously approved external examiners who do not complete the course will no longer be registered with the VLSB+C under the Uniform Law
  •  the VLSB+C has contacted previously approved external examiners who have yet to complete the course to alert them to their status
  •  subject to demand, the LIV will offer a final course in 2017 – expressions of interest for this course must be registered at

What you need to do

If your law practice received this email, the LIV recommends you contact your external examiner to ascertain whether:

  • s/he intends to conduct your law practice’s external examination for the year ending 31 March 2018
  • if s/he does so intend, indicate that they can only do so if they complete the Uniform External Examiner, and seek confirmation that they have registered their interest for the final 2017 course at
  • if s/he does not intend to conduct examinations in 2018, contact the VLSB+C’s Practitioner Services team at or (03) 9679 8000, to obtain a list of approved external examiners and select a new examiner

More information

Please refer to the LIV’s Change to Trust Examination Year and New External Examiner Course, the VLSB+C’s End of Trust Account Audit Year: 31 March 2017 Fact Sheet, or email Practitioner Services at

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