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Professional development: More CPD for members

Professional development: More CPD for members


A suite of updated educational products and services are headed the profession’s way in 2020.

Podcasts, career masterclasses, cyber risk workshops, tech talks, practice management webinars, soft skills training, regional activities and more new CPD including that for in-house counsel and government lawyers, will be rolled out.

Updated educational products and services are aimed at providing members with lifelong learning opportunities, from day to day practice needs to legislative understanding and ethical compliance. 

To achieve this goal, the LIV’s Member Knowledge and Learning (MKL) team is drawing on the expertise of leaders and stakeholders across the profession. 

“Our primary shift has been to find relevance with CPD, making sure we are tapping into what members want and need given their challenges whether they practise in the city, suburbs or regions. We are acting on research and feedback and being agile in our delivery. It’s a more considered program, we are stepping into their shoes,” says LIV manager learning and development Kiran Aulakh. 

“We do that by engaging with members and collaborating with LIV committees and teams, suburban and regional law associations, stakeholders like the Victorian Legal Services Board and the LPLC, among others. We are keeping up with the legal landscape.

“Design and development of events is very organic. It’s driven by learning and responding to what members want. For example, it’s offering practice management and ethics at lunchtimes, it’s taking shorter programs to the regions.”

MKL oversees accredited specialisation, the practice management course, online education, CPD and events, and is led by MKL general manager Kellie Hamilton. In learning and development, Ms Aulakh works with Terri Abeysekera and Melissa Lirosi. Education and events manager Karin Maritz works with Penny Mure, Sue White and Sarah Munzenberger.

MKL’s strategic goal is to provide relevant and value-based learning and education opportunities to enhance members’ skills, knowledge and capability in running their practice. Its priorities are providing access to relevant, flexible, valued PD, delivering market relevant accreditation and practice management and producing enhanced e-learning opportunities.

“We aim to provide a quality integrated learning experience that makes practising law easier and creates and develops better lawyers,” Ms Aulakh says.

“Our offer must be accessible, relevant, deliver outcomes and provide value for money and time. Our suite of events will continue to evolve.”

Going into 2020, CPD has been refocused with new activities across topics, types of delivery and audience segments, with the overarching aim of covering all legal demographics and areas of law throughout the year.

The CPD intensive in February-March 2020 has been redesigned. It features streams of family, succession and property law with both dedicated sessions and interactive sessions exploring the interplay between overlapping practice areas, and a combined ethics session.

There will be a new soft skills offering as part of Practice Essentials across business, people, clients, leadership and inhouse streams. 

Points can be accumulated according to the needs of practitioners but, says Ms Aulakh, “it’s not just about getting the points. It’s about getting value out of the activities, extending skills beyond black letter law, with the industry leaders and subject matter experts we engage”.

Content but also cost have been reconsidered. “We are doing what members want. The overall experience has been fine-tuned. We want people to come.”

Reviews of principal and practice management pathways and also the face to face offer for online delivery are underway. Half-day regional conferences will start in 2020.

Practitioners can also expect to see recommendations for the accredited specialisation scheme, now under review. The LIV offers specialist accreditation across 16 areas of law, accrediting more than 100 practitioners every year. 

Working collaboratively, the events team designs, develops and delivers all LIV educational activities and events, from a legal research lunchtime workshop to the 1000-strong LIV fun run to the members’ Christmas party. In 2019-20 there are almost 100 CPD events and activities across 13 sections and 35 areas of law, including 65 in February-March. “Our aim is to deliver memorable experiences for our members. Our focus is on quality, value and service,” says Ms Maritz, who loves to plan.

“We want members to benefit from every LIV event they attend. The hosting facilities are fantastic. We also appreciate feedback.”

CPD 2020 program, 17 February–31 March ( 

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