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Raise your voice

Raise your voice

By Belinda Wilson


Consider nominating for LIV Council and make your views count.

As the LIV continues to expand its voice and influence for the benefit of the legal profession and the community, over the next month we are calling for members to contribute to that voice by nominating and voting for LIV Council.

The LIV is the voice of the Victorian legal profession. Its 19,300-strong members are represented by its elected directors on Council. Being a director is a privileged and influential position, and one of great responsibility, as collectively the board is responsible for oversight and governance of the organisation, as well as its long-term strategy and performance. Directors, alongside committees and sections, also steer the LIV’s advocacy, helping shape the LIV’s position on a multitude of important legal and community issues.

In line with good governance, board renewal is critical to performance. An LIV Council election takes place each year, and at least one third of the 18 directors’ positions are open. Now is your chance to put yourself forward for a seat at the table to help shape the legal landscape.

For us to maintain the LIV’s voice, we need a professional board with a unified commitment to the future development of the profession.

It is incredibly rewarding to be involved in thought leadership on LIV Council, and I am proud to be a part of it.

As an entity representing members’ interests, to be eligible to nominate you must be a full financial member, hold a current Australian practising certificate, and agree by declaration that you are a fit and proper person and not disqualified from being a director. Regarding the skills that you bring to the board, it certainly helps to have an understanding of governance, risk, finance, strategy, communications, politics and regulation, in addition to legal.

Key dates and what you can do:

  • Nominate – consider what skills you can bring to the LIV board and submit your nomination by 4 October
  • Vote – historically, only a small proportion of members vote in LIV Council elections. Please have your say at the ballot box so we can maintain a vibrant profession into the future. The election closes 8 November. Details are online.

As always, my door is open. I welcome questions about the upcoming Council election and your thoughts on the future of our representative body.

Belinda Wilson

LIV president:

Twitter: @livpresident


Disclaimer: Views expressed by commentators are not necessarily endorsed by the Law Institute of Victoria Ltd (LIV). No responsibility is accepted by the LIV for the accuracy of information contained in the comments and the LIV expressly disclaims any liability for, with respect to or arising from any such views.

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