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Law Institute of Victoria recognises outstanding contributions to legal profession in annual awards

Law Institute of Victoria recognises outstanding contributions to legal profession in annual awards

By LIV Media


The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) has recognised 14 lawyers for their outstanding contributions to the legal profession.

Bill O’Shea and Steve Stevens are the newest recipients of the LIV Honorary Life Membership, the highest honour the LIV can bestow on a member.

Honorary Life Membership recognises significant achievements, service and contribution to the LIV, legal profession and community over a distinguished career.

Suzanne Bettink, Eila Pourasgheri, Tony Riordan, Tim Robinson, and Frank Tisher have each received the LIV Distinguished Service Award.

The LIV Distinguished Service Award recognises individuals who have rendered significant and distinguished service of a high degree to the LIV or the legal profession over an extended period of time.

Bettina Evert, Lena Hung, Aaron Jolly, Greg Reinhardt, Antonella Terranova, Amanda Toner, and Mel Walker are each the recipients of the LIV President’s Award for Outstanding Service.

The LIV President’s Award for Outstanding Service recognises a voluntary contribution to the LIV or legal profession over and above what might reasonably be expected, in a particular field.

LIV president Tania Wolff congratulated the award recipients and thanked them for their work.

“Each of the 14 individuals recognised this year has made a significant contribution to the legal profession and the community over years and decades, some over their entire careers,” Ms. Wolff said.

“Their extra efforts change people’s lives for the better, which is at the heart of why it’s done.”

“On behalf of the LIV, I’d like to thank the 14 members, some in the relatively early stages of their careers in the law, some towards the end, for their efforts and their care. There is no doubt that the LIV, the profession, the community and the laws of Victoria have benefited from the input of this group of lawyers.”

See full list and details of Award recipients.

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