LIV Accredited Specialist Directory

Choosing the right lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, the LIV Accredited Specialist directory can help you find a lawyer who is a leader in their field.

Why choose a LIV Accredited Specialist?

  • LIV Accredited Specialists must have a minimum of five years' full time practice experience and a minimum of three years' experience in their area of specialisation
  • LIV Accredited Specialists must maintain a high degree of professional development in their area of specialisation
  • LIV Accredited Specialists must pass a comprehensive examination process, developed by legal professional experts, and
  • LIV Accredited Specialists must apply for re-accreditation every three years.
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Looking  for a referral?

A referral from the LIV Find Your Lawyer service will provide you with a FREE 30 min consultation to discuss your needs, after which fees are charged at agreed rates. The service offers connection with a large number of LIV members across the state covering all key areas of law.

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Why choose an LIV member lawyer?

A LIV member is a certified practitioner who abides by the Law Institute Victoria Code of Conduct.

The LIV is a non-profit organisation dedicated to benefitting its members and the development, maintenance and the sustenance of the law for the benefit of the community.

What the LIV does:

  • Provide membership services, professional development and ongoing support to legal practitioners in Victoria.
  • Advocate for the legal profession and the community
  • Provide a lawyer referral service for the public to access LIV members
  • Provide information and resources for the general public on legal matters and where to find support.

What LIV does not do:

  • Have their own in-house lawyers to offer legal advice
  • Provide legal aid

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On Lawfully Explained, you will find a range of articles, podcasts and videos explaining the most common legal issues, what to expect in a courtroom, and information on how to find the right solicitor for your individual circumstances.

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