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LIV President's Blog 2012

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Thank you

Thank you

As the YLS Manager for the last five years, I have been so lucky as I have undoubtedly had one of the best jobs in the law. I have overseen the Young Lawyers’ Section which encompasses over 6,000 young lawyers’ section members, including new lawyers - regardless of age - law students and graduates.

In this time I have worked directly with hundreds of lawyers who have generously donated their time and expertise to various YLS committees.

When I commenced my role as Young Lawyers’ Section (YLS) Manager, I knew I would be responsible for assisting YLS members with their transition into the practice of law and beyond – I did not expect that these members would give so much to me in return and have such a profound impact upon my life.

I have been blown away by the calibre of young lawyers in Victoria, and the tenacity of our profession in what has been a difficult economic climate. The way in which young lawyers band together, support each other, and give their time when they are already stretched so much by their work, volunteer and extra-curricular commitments. 

The past five years of my professional life have been defined by the incredibly kind and talented people I have been fortunate to work with and the ever-growing community of Victorian Young Lawyers. I have had the privilege to work alongside an incredible group of committee members including the following amazing presidents and their executive committee members:

  • Lucy Terracall who cemented the idea that the profession is better off because of the many strong women in it
  • Kate Harry who touched many hearts and helped young lawyers rise through the global financial crisis
  • Julie Fraser who taught me that even one person can make a huge difference
  • Jonathan Elliot who proved that even while busy working as a lawyer life still has so many more rewards
  • Amanda Storey who brightened up my life each and every day with her warmth and dedication
  • Cameron Forbes who with his humble nature and kindness continued to support members reaching out to those in need
Some of the highlights of my term include:
  • Working with the Victorian Law Student Societies and various law firms to plan the 2013 LIV Legal Careers Fair
  • Implementing this Young Lawyers Blog which provides a voice for lawyers to share ideas, knowledge and information
  • Creating a new YLS homepage with an abundance of resources for members
  • Hosting the 2011 Australian Young Lawyers Conference
  • Raising over $100,000.00 for various charities
  • The introduction of the annual Victorian Golden Gavel Competition

However after five years I know that it is the right time to move on and I am excited to take on a new challenge at the LIV as Member Liaison Manager. Although leaving the Section feels like I am losing a huge part of me, I am so grateful to be taking away many happy memories and holding on to wonderful friendships.

Our family of new lawyers is a big one and thanks to all of you I know a few things are certain:

  • We come together to fight for what is right
  • We support one another in times of need
  • We should all believe in our abilities as we are truly capable of anything

Given this may be my final YL blog, I would like to take this opportunity to make a few special mentions:

  • To the LSS/LSA members I have had the pleasure to work with. You continue to amaze me and I am confident the rights, interests and needs of law students will continue to be protected.
  • To the law graduate who after a presentation asked me my favourite colour, to which I responded yellow, and then told me yellow is a crazy person’s colour. Thanks for helping me embrace my inner cray-cray!
  • To all the young lawyers that are more than just lawyers; the artists, musicians, activists, writers, comedians, actors, and philanthropists - wow you inspire me.
  • To my regional and suburban committee members, both past and present, I should never admit having favourites but if I did...

Although this is goodbye, I am honoured to be leaving the YLS at a time when the Section is at its best. I feel that together we have achieved so much and we should be extremely proud of our achievements.

I wish the 2014 executive committee the best of luck and look forward to seeing you deliver your portfolios and continue to connect with members. Thank you all for your involvement and for making my time in the YLS some of the happiest years of my life.

Anna Alexander, YLS Manager for the next 6 weeks!

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Michael Zhou
Thanks for all that you have done for the Young Lawyers Section Anna. You have done such an amazing job and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with you in PDC. I wish you every sucesss in your new role.
18/12/2013 11:53:03 AM

David Jancik
Thanks and all the best Anna!
16/12/2013 10:56:56 PM

Amanda Storey
Anna you are such an inspiring and talented manager. It was an honour to work beside you last year. You are a super star and I adore you. Best of luck with your new role!
16/12/2013 9:48:31 AM

Geraldine Whitling
Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for all your amazing work with the Young Lawyers, you will be sorely missed! You should be so proud of all your achievements, and I'm sure there will be many more to come!

Best wishes in your new role at the LIV.
13/12/2013 5:09:50 PM

Cam Forbes
Anna - the absolute best of luck in your new role - you are leaving the YLS in top shape an are leaving an extraordinary legacy! On a personal note - thank you so much for all your assistance to me over the years - I am certainly indebted to you! Have a great first Christmas with little Zoe! Best wishes!
13/12/2013 4:52:42 PM

Cassandra Seery
Congratulations Anna- I am sorry I didn't get the chance to work with you more extensively! Your passion for the YLS is so infectious and I am sure you will be sorely missed. Wishing you the very best for 2014 and beyond!
13/12/2013 3:04:37 PM

Tara Anderson
Anna! Thank you for all your wonderful work for the YLS. You have been such an impressive supporter of young lawyers and promoter of their interests and projects. I'm glad your talents will remain at the LIV and I hope our paths continue to cross in the future. All the best!
13/12/2013 3:01:45 PM

Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring work, Anna. I am very glad to hear that you are remaining at the LIV and will be applying your considerable skills to the benefit of LIV members more broadly. You leave the YLS in very good shape and I'm sure that, as a result, the YLS will continue to achieve great things into the future.
13/12/2013 1:27:22 PM

Kate Ashmor
Anna, you are an absolute star and will leave an enduring legacy at the Young Lawyers Section. Best wishes in the exciting new role! :o)
13/12/2013 11:45:25 AM

Rupert Lugo
Congratulations on the new role Anna! I will definitely miss your positive vibe at the YL meetings, you did a great job and I hope you will continue to be an active presence in the LIV!

13/12/2013 10:42:27 AM

Ana Percic
We will miss you Anna!! You are the ultimate mover and shaker and always make things happen and make them happen with fun and flair!
Does your new team know how lucky they are? Do they?? Really???
Meanwhile, can you do a guest appearance or two at our face-to-face meetings...?
Thanks so much for all your hard work - I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I always felt that you really cared about our committee and our work and put in 110% in everything you did.
Thank you!!!
13/12/2013 10:14:38 AM

Andrea Georgiou
Congratulations on the move Anna. It’s great that you will still be involved with the LIV and that we will still cross paths one day. Although, I must admit that I am sad that we only just got you back and then you are off again!! It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with you over the past 3 years. Your enthusiasm and unwavering passion for the profession, and especially Young Lawyers, has been inspiring. No doubt you will bring the same passion into your new role and I look forward to seeing what new and exciting initiatives and ideas you will bring. You are truly an amazing person!! See you in 2014!!
13/12/2013 9:44:51 AM

Esan Pilai
Anna, it was my privilege and honor to be able to have seen you the times I've attended Young lawyers events. I want to commend you on all your diligence, hard work and commitment to the LIV Young Lawyers. Also want to congratulate you and extend my well wishes for your new role in the LIV. And as always, looking forward to seeing you again!
13/12/2013 1:21:02 AM

Michelle Batsas
Anna you have been a true inspiration to work with and it was a pleasure to work on the YLJ with you and Georgette Apostolopoulos . Wish you much luck for the new gig!
12/12/2013 10:54:24 PM

Vicki Thomopoulos
Anna - what can I say, and I honestly believe I speak for all of those who have had the pleasure of being involved with the YLS under your helm whilst the YLS manager - you will be sorely missed and your assistance and guidance has been greatly appreciated! I wish you luck in your new role, and look forward to your guest blogs as I am sure you will still check in!
12/12/2013 10:03:54 PM

Matthew Keogh - Australian Young Lawyers Committee Chair, Law Council of Australia
You will be terribly missed by YLS and young lawyers nationally. Thank you so much for all of your great work.
12/12/2013 9:59:18 PM

Katrina Socratous
As someone who has been a member of the LIV and the YLS for a very long time I can say without any hesitation (and a heavy heart) that you have been the most incredible and passionate YLS manager to work/collaborate with and you will be very sorely missed. As my dear friend it has been a delight to see you take on the role and mould it into such a formidable position that is so highly regarded by not only me by your peers and biggest supporters. I am so proud of you and your achievements and am so thrilled that I will still your face at the LIV in 2014.
12/12/2013 7:37:01 PM

Thank you for everything Anna!
You have done an amazing job keeping the YL community together, and you should feel very proud of what you have done over the years to help out so many in need
12/12/2013 5:28:21 PM

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