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Best tips for making 2015 a success

Best tips for making 2015 a success

As January comes to an end the realisation that the year is in full swing dawns upon us. This is often quickly followed by another realisation: those New Year’s resolutions and goals haven’t quite got off the ground as you had planned. Research has suggested that only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually achieve their goal. In order to help you make 2015 a success the YLS has put together these tips to help you.

1. Do a stock take of your career

Many people often have ‘improve my career’ at the top of their list of goals but how do you do that? By asking yourself some key questions you will be able to narrow your goal from ‘improve’ to ‘I will achieve X’. Consider:

After all of this it might just be time to get a mentor to help you achieve your goal.

2. Work on your time management

The start of the year is often a hectic rush to get everything into place before the deadlines start rolling past you. So before you get caught up in the whirlwind of the year, it’s worth reviewing some effective time management tips to help you survive the next 336 days.

3. Maximise your time at law school

If you are a law student you are probably becoming very conscious of the fact that the semester is about to begin. However, it is important to get involved with law school beyond the monotony of classes and compulsory group assessments. This goes too if you are working. Is there a social committee or sports team you can get involved with? While this may sound like adding to the ‘to do’ list it is also a great way to engage in your workplace and meet your colleagues. Having some balance in your life is also important for a healthy mind and body.

4. Be prepared

Often the goals that we set ourselves are made with little consideration for what is required to actually achieve them (bar not having that second slice of cake). If one of your goals relates to furthering your career, or starting your new role with your best foot forward be sure that you are prepared. So what does this mean? If you are a new graduate prepare for the transition from student to trainee lawyer. If you are in your first year of practice avoid the common mistakes.

5. Balance is the key

Going helter skelter at one goal to the detriment of all else will only result in a lack of results. So remember to take five and maintain a healthy balance in your life of study/work, friends, family, exercise and entertainment. Who knows? You just might be part of that 8% who can actually manage to achieve your goals this year – good luck everyone!

We’d like to hear from you – what are your best tips for achieving your goals?

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