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Video: Sentencing People with Lived Experience of Disability
Video: Sentencing People with Lived Experience of Disability
Magistrates’ Court of Victoria Specialist Courts & Programs CPD Series
As part of its court operations, MCV provides a number of specialist courts and programs that aim to improve outcomes for court users and the community. Many of those who come before the court are assessed to have underlying mental health or substance abuse issues, trauma, social or cultural disadvantage, or a disability. Our specialist courts and programs are solution focused. They use the opportunity of an individual’s participation in the justice system to prevent offending, improve wellbeing and increase community safety.
The LIV in partnership with the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, provides information, resources and CPD about all the specialist courts and programs available at MCV that ensures all practitioners are up to date and prepared when appearing in each Court, including client eligibility, referral process, what is expected of practitioners and best practice.
DFFH Forensic Disability Services

The Forensic Disability Program operates under the Disability Act 2006 to respond to people with cognitive impairment involved in the criminal justice system who require access to specialist forensic support and treatment, or who require additional supports to enable them to access mainstream forensic services.

To be eligible for supports under the Forensic Disability Program a person must have a cognitive impairment because of a neurological disability, acquired brain injury or intellectual disability within the definition of the Disability Act.

Learn about MCV supports for accused with a cognitive impairment, DFFH Forensic Disability Services and Justice Plans.