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CPD Intensive 2024: Wellness: Conscious Leadership
CPD Intensive 2024: Wellness: Conscious Leadership
The Law institute of Victoria presents CPD Intensive 2024, our flagship CPD event for the 2024 calendar.

The legal profession, just as any other profession, has immense room for growth. As lawyers, we hold a lot of power to bring about change, to protect, to uphold, to honour and to be the bearers of peace. The fight for good can only be enhanced if we enter that fight consciously, and we cannot move forward if our house is not in order.

There is no longer space, or time, for unconscious behaviours such as mismanaged emotions, egotistic reactions, convoluted communication streams, blame, discrimination and bullying. The need for integrity, honesty and a deeper understanding of each person’s impact on the world has never been greater than it is today.

A different way of doing things, a way that better serves ourselves, our clients, our communities, our industries and our planet – does not need to be invented because it is already here. Available to us all if we are willing to do the work. This is the Conscious Leadership way.