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Video: LegalTech in Practice: Legal Automation in Law Firms
Video: LegalTech in Practice: Legal Automation in Law Firms
ALTA (Australian Legal Technology Association) is a community of legal technologists who are focused on understanding, building and using legal technology to provide the best outcomes for lawyers. There has been a burst of energy in the legal community around emerging technologies like GenerativeAI. What questions are you asking yourself about new technologies, like GenerativeAI and how confident are you feeling about gaining acceptance for them in your Practice?

In the third session of our LIV & ALTA LegalTech in Practice - it starts and ends with humans! series, we were joined by Tom Dreyfus, Co-Founder and CEO of a no-code and GenAI-powered automation platform, Josef.

Law firms use automation to simplify complex processes and eliminate repetitive drafting. When done well, it saves time, reduces errors, and delights clients. But what about the flipside?

• Why do law firms automate? What does it look like when it’s done well?
• What does it take to get it right?
• What are the common pitfalls and how hard is it, really?
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