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Video: Effective sales techniques for law practices
Video: Effective sales techniques for law practices
Sales doesn’t need to evoke negative connotations of aggressive tactics and pushy pitches. Genuine sales go beyond simply promoting a service; it requires a deep understanding of clients' needs and the ability to offer personalised solutions that resonate with them.

Join Brent Szalay, Strategic Business Advisor, and seasoned sales expert Taryn Holman, Sales & Marketing Manager at Seamless SMSF, for an eye-opening webinar on just this – how to master selling your services to new and existing clients.

The session explored the importance of building lasting relationships and delivering value to clients, with practical strategies for effectively navigating client conversations, crafting compelling proposals, and ultimately driving business growth.

This webinar redefined the roles of sales in legal practice, emphasising integrity, value, and long-term client satisfaction. It is not just about sales tactics; it’s a journey towards building enduring client relationships and sustainable business growth.
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