Alternatives to litigation

There's no doubt that litigation is an important part of the justice system, but it can often be a long, drawn out and stressful process.

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Family Violence Taskforce

A high level interdisciplinary group including the Chief Magistrate, Victoria Police, criminal and family lawyers and community groups has been formed to tackle family violence issues.

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Free CPD for LIV members

FREE for Practising & New Solicitor members, LIVing Ethics goes beyond compliance arming you with the knowledge and skills to confidently address practical ethical issues.

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Legal Directory in store

Order your 2015 Directory now for delivery in December and ensure you have easy access to quick references, Barristers/Solicitor Advocates, Affidavits/Statutory Declarations, courts and tribunal and more.

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Conduct smart legal research

Get the right head start for all your legal research needs through our experienced LIV Librarians who will guide and equip you with the essential and authorised legal resources.

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