Inside stories: A life of crime

After three decades of stories about good and evil Steve Butcher's departure from daily journalism marks the end of an era.

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Cultural inclusivity in the legal profession

One expects that the legal profession would be free of blatant prejudice and that we would have gone quite a way to identifying and eliminating unconscious bias. Two incidents relayed to us in the past week suggest that is not the case.

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Expert legal research done for you

Looking for the right professionals your legal research? The LIV's experienced legal librarians will guide and equip you with essential and authorised legal resources at a fixed fee for members.

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Starting your career in law?

Find out what to expect in your first year of practice, the steps to getting and maintaining your practising certificate, how to get the most out of your PD planning, guidance on ethical issues and the best way to manage your career.

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In-House Counsel Conference

Want to learn new ways to balance your compliance requirements with the commercial imperatives of your organisation? Hear from Sue Laver, General Counsel Dispute Resolution at Telstra, and other expert in-house practitioners.

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