WADR- breaches of office etiquette

“Hell is other people” according to Jean-Paul Sartre. And nowhere is it easier to find evidence to back up his observation than in an office.

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President's Leadership Lunch

Join us on Friday 22 August to hear from Senator Brandis, Attorney-General, Minister for the Arts and Vice-President of the Executive Council.

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Your Professional Development Guide

Choose the LIV as your essential professional partner and register for conferences, workshops, webinars, or e-learning activities that best suit your learning needs.

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A head start on legal research

Get the head start for all your legal research needs through our experienced LIV Librarians who will guide and equip you with the essential and authorised legal resources.

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Independent Children's Lawyer Directory

The LIV ICL Directory maintains and promotes a list of approved legal practitioners qualified to act as Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICL). Find out how you can join the ICL Directory.

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