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We will help you find a law firms that offer services that match your legal issue.  You can search by:

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  • Specific firm name

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  • After hours or home visit/mobile services
  • No win no fee (Not applicable for Criminal and Family Law matters)
  • Lawyers offering free or pro bono services (eligibility criteria may apply)
  • Area of Accredited Specialisation (find out what it means to be an Accredited Specialist)

Once you have selected your preferred firm, you can have up to three referral letters emailed to you, which connects you with Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) members who have agreed to meet with potential clients for a free consultation of up to 30 minutes in which no legal advice will be offered.

Note that the referral service is not a legal service and does not provide legal advice.


Why do I need a referral and a consultation?

  • The referral will provide you with a FREE 30 min consultation in which no legal advice is offered. The consultation is an opportunity to discuss your legal needs, potential next steps and the fees associated with continuing. Note that any legal advice or legal work undertaken is subject to standard fees.
  • The service offers connection with a large number of LIV members across the state covering all key areas of law
  • Note that you must provide a copy of the referral letter generated through this service either before or at the consultation to receive the complimentary service.

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Do you need additional help?

If you are having trouble using the search or finding a lawyer to meet your needs, you can call our team.

The Find Your Lawyer Referral telephone service operates 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Please call 03 9607 9550.

What happens after your 30 min consultation?

  • Formally proceed with your matter with the selected firm
  • Determine that you would like to explore more options. Through this service you may generate a total of three referrals enquiries for one legal matter.

Why choose an LIV member lawyer?

A LIV member is a certified practitioner who abides by the Law Institute Victoria Code of Conduct.

The LIV is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protect and foster the rule of law on behalf of its members and the Victorian community.

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On Lawfully Explained, you will find a range of articles, podcasts and videos explaining the most common legal issues, what to expect in a courtroom, and information on how to find the right solicitor for your individual circumstances.

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